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Title: Helen's Adventure
Post by: Squall83 on February 03, 2019, 05:52:31 AM
Hello everyone,

after almost 4 years in the making, I finally finished my game "Helen's Adventure"! :D It's a very short game I started to make for the Spring competition in 2015 and despite taking into account Laura's warning that one month is very short, I only got as far as what turned out to be the halfway point in the first month. I announced it here: (

And the game can be downloaded here: (

I used the RPG Maker 2000 and thanks to Steam I even own that software legally now (though before that I was in a gray zone, because afair it was impossible to buy it in a non-Japanese version). There was a Christmas discount, so I got it for 5€, which is still quite a price for such an old software, but I felt like showing some gratitude to the creators for making a software that created such a huge fanbase.

Anyway, have fun playing it!

I beta tested it on a machine that has no RPG Maker installed, so there shouldn't be any resources missing even though I refused to include the entire Run-Time-Package, but if you can find any bugs, feel free to tell me and I'll reupload a debugged version.