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Title: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on May 15, 2019, 09:32:50 AM
Hello Leebles and people.

This is not Orison. Well, commonly be called as "Owl". In case you want to know more details about me, I'd written my reply on "Get to know your fellow forum members". (

I told folks about I'm going to be a novice (Young monk) in this month. Emmy (naska) mentioned about writing blog.
I don't know if writing in the forum and visit the Discord server would suit me more that writing blog
Uhh... Today is 15th May 2019 I'm writing this before the next day comes. This could be my first uhh.. I don't know what it called... Entry? (idk just using random word now lol) Well I've packed my stuff for this journey.
I'll be heading out from home but this time I can't tell how long I will return home again. A week, a month, a year (or more I don't know).

Oof I'm out of idea what to write now. Maybe I can write this late. But I can't say that I can write this on the forum again.
However, I wish I can chat in the Discord server. And in case you can find miss-spelling or some error in my grammar, I apologize.
Okay gonna leave for bed, bye!

Nutthakan S.
23:32 15th May 2019 GMT+7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on May 21, 2019, 10:07:33 AM
Hey folks!
It has been almost a week that I haven't written anything.
So I will tell you what happened.
May 16th, I took a bus in the morning and arrived Doi Ti, Lampoon in afternoon. Later I went to a monastery, met a monk and a man there. I already know them. Then went to a coffee roasting plant named "Tawa Kahve" and help the owner prepare thing before Japanese business man came for business talk in the next day.
May 17th, The guest came with a daughter and a translator. I took photos while they were talking. They tasted many flavours of coffee and I served Coconut latte to them. I suppose to say "Please enjoy Coconut latte" but I said "Purissu enjoy..." but well... it went well. After that the owner took me to waterfall to take a break.
In the night of May 18th, I went back to the monastery.
May 19th, I hopped on the car to buy grocery and I went to Starbucks for first time!! I took Yuzu honey jelly yoghurt, it was great. In the night I talked with a monk about what's the importance of dhama, and his experiences.
May 20th, I stayed in the monastery the whole day, watched a movie, tried to play Terraria with Steam Link without controller and ended up with playing Kingdoms: Classic.
May 21st,  In the afternoon I went to the hot springs. I tried to get in the bath but ouchy, ouches, owl became cooked owl. Wait... it isn't that bad after awhile. I came back and started writing this.
May 22th, oh I just done it on 00:05 and I suppose to sleep now. In that case, bye!

00:07 22th May 2019 GMT +7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on May 27, 2019, 10:33:52 AM
Wow, two weeks already?
This log won't have many text.
Few days after three day I wrote last log, I returned to the coffee roasting plant. Chill out there for awhile, feeding chickens, cook a plate after I haven't cooked in a long time. And then head back to monastery.
There is a problem. My phone got overheated and it wasn't work temporary. With a coincidence that mom sent me get old phone, my flash drive, new Smalltalk and a nail clipper.
Now I just finished installing apps and recovery files from my old phone. Wait, it's midnight again? I think I check more thing before bedtime.
00:33 28th May 2019 GMT +7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on June 06, 2019, 08:23:27 PM
Sorry for delay, I forgot to write this 3rd week log.
Well... last Thursday and Friday I went with coffee roasting plant owner to sent sample coffee to coffee shops in Lampoon and some in Chiang Mai. Nothing much happened until two days ago that the monk here bought a lawn mower. I helped him on clearing the grass. The next day I will meet a dentist for root canal treatment. Mom worries about the price as I do. While writing this I realize that there will be Leeble  folks' birthday within a week and a my personally important day will come not so long.

10:24 7th June 2019 GMT +7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on June 19, 2019, 08:40:36 PM
Sorry for late again, it was a busy week. I'm tell you what happened.
11th June, my 19th birthday. Nothing much special that day, I just drew something for myself. (
In the next day, I got a call from clinic that the specialist would arrive in the next day so I could go earlier. The monk at the monastery took me for Japanese buffet. Tengoku, a 9-years best Thailand's restaurant, according to the certificates on a wall. It was my first time for raw fishes. I'm sad that I don't have a big stomach for it, but it was great anyway.
13th June, I went for dentist. They told me to come back once more. After that I went for bakery, bought some baguettes and a few things.
15th June, people came to prepare flowers and papers for an event. Headed to Chom Tong after that, stayed at the coffee roasting plant for a night.
16th June, we delivered flowers bags to the pilot for a mission that would occur in the next day. From Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok.
17th June, arrived the monastery at 2:30 AM. Took a rest and headed to Chom Tong in morning. Here's images that could explain what happened. (
18th June, stayed at coffee roasting plant for one more day before went back to monastery.

I will start my meditation soon, I think it will begin within this month since event pasted. I'll write more if I have any thing.

10:40 20th June 2019 GMT +7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on July 03, 2019, 06:41:00 PM
I'm sorry, I wasn't able to write something last week. Now I'll explain in short why.
Past week, I've been meditating for several days, not the whole days but 5 - 7.5 hours per day. I'll have less time since I spend more time for meditation.
Mom said she will call me today if mom, dad and little brother can visit me soon. I asked her to bring something I forgot in case they can come.
 If you're wondering about anything, feel free to ask me via Discord direct message or another method you can.

08:40 4th July 2019 GMT+7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on July 24, 2019, 11:08:10 AM
I'm currently busy with mediating. So I won't be able to write more log at this moment.  Sorry for being late.

01:08 AM. 25th July 2019 GMT +7
Title: Re: Owl's journey log
Post by: Orison the owlet on August 21, 2019, 10:40:26 PM
Ah, sorry again! I forgot about this.
The time past, many things happened.
First, after the meditation ended, I went to Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. The scenery of mountain and forest were beautiful. I learned about flaws of my personalities there. It showed me what I don't have.
Later that, people I know tried baking and cooking new food. I've tasted them, they were awesome!
I watched some movies, Fantasy Beasts, Life of Pi, Tree of life, Inferno.
I got tasks about making a book to a pdf file, writing some articles about that book and writing a monk's biography.
I've met dentist twice in this month and I need two more.
Tenki No Ko (Weathering with you) is an upcoming movie I want to watch. I'm not sure where's the nearest theatre that this movie will make me cry. I'm waiting for information and if possible, I will go and cry in theatre.

12:40 22nd August 2019 GMT+7