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Contests and Events / Re: Nominate a Theme for Leeble Game Jam 4!
« on: January 28, 2019, 09:10:05 PM »
Don't think I can participate in the game jam itself unfortunately, but I'll happily throw out a theme!

Cute, yet twisted

General Discussion / Re: The World of Warcraft Thread
« on: November 25, 2016, 09:05:20 PM »
Hey all, I'm sorry for my silence and inactivity. Truth is I've actually cancelled my WoW subscription a few weeks ago. Things have been getting busy as of late between getting a new job (though it's only part-time) and working on a project with a friend of mine. Between that and needing to keep an eye on finances, I felt like cancelling the subscription was a good idea; besides, I don't really play nowadays save for Tuesday nights....

Don't worry, though! Whenever I'm able to get a full-time or second part-time job, I'll likely be joining back in. I'll likely hop on Vent whenever I'm able to remember not as busy to say hi, too. :)

General Discussion / Re: The World of Warcraft Thread
« on: August 16, 2016, 02:27:32 PM »
Stormey event, yay! I'm not sure when I'll be home tonight, but hopefully I can make it.

Are invasions kind of like the scenarios from Pandaria?

Noooooope, not at all. It's kinda weird to explain, but the invasions actually happen in specific areas of Azeroth. You can join the invasion at any time by just entering the area, and there is no queue or party that has to be formed; it's just whoever is there. Heck, I flew to one of the dwarven cities that was having an invasion and participated just fine (until some NPC griffin jerk came in and killed me after we won).

Just about every Queen song ever for me.

Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time. I'm having a ball!

Pretty sure I'm going to be having one of my finals during that time, so if I make it, it's going to be a little bit later. The good news is that I'll be more or less free during the weekdays once finals are over! :D

General Discussion / Re: The World of Warcraft Thread
« on: May 13, 2016, 06:36:05 AM »

I... uh, I can TOTALLY afford all of that. Haha... yeah......... definitely...........

Also, I'm so sorry for not being around for the past three weeks! For the first two I was busy, and then last Friday my internet went out for the whole week, so I couldn't play then. I guarantee that I will join you guys this Tuesday, even if it kills me!

Happy Birthday, Laura! I'm looking forward to our beautiful, harmonious voices serenading you tomorrow night. :)

General Discussion / Re: The World of Warcraft Thread
« on: April 18, 2016, 12:49:36 PM »
We has a date for Legion. August 30th!

Now, let's see how soon this date gets postponed! \(^o^)/

General Discussion / Re: Miitomo!
« on: March 31, 2016, 05:36:56 PM »
@SebastianAurion here! :D

April 7th is a Thursday again, so no go for me again. :(

Still no, sadly. Thursday just doesn't work for me in general. That's my long day.

I'm not going to be able to make this one at all, sadly. :(

Yay, I think I'll actually be able to make it this time! Only for about an hour or so, but hey, it's something. :D

Just... you know, someone please make sure to bug me to make sure I make it. XD

Contests and Events / Re: The Official 2015 Secret Santa Gift Thread! ^_^
« on: January 07, 2016, 01:06:43 AM »
Glad you liked the pets, Rom! May they forever bring you smiles and laughter and the like. :D

Marisa just came in the mail and she's amazing! I was honestly afraid I'd break her swapping parts around and such; she just feel very fragile. Eventually though I was able to get a pose I really liked, and she is now guarding my computer desk from any invaders. Thank you so much, Davi! :D

The pic is pretty big, so I'm just going to link it.

General Discussion / Re: What's on your mind?
« on: January 03, 2016, 09:40:06 AM »
So I've been trying to get and play the MegaMan Legends games.  The Misadventures of Tron Bonne has kinda seemed out of reach since it trends over $100 on eBay.

After pulling out my PSP and looking at the Playstation Store, I discovered the game was made available as a PS1 classic for $6 in the past year.


This... actually makes me very happy! :D

So, this year's Games Done Quick has just now started. Games Done Quick is an organization that hosts a speedrunning marathon every first week or so of January. All donations received goes straight to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. They've been consistently raising over a million dollar these past new years, and they always break their donation records, so I'm really excited for this year. :D

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