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Contests and Events / Re: Nominate a Theme for Leeble Game Jam 5!
« on: January 24, 2020, 06:32:03 PM »
Well, Akira already posted Saitou as theme, so... how about Minimori?
I'm in, by the way!

A tradition is a tradition. I'm in too this year! :)

Here's my tastes, taken from past years, now slightly adapted.

A gift? Can be litteraly anything. I love imagination in a broad way, so you can think in simple things like grettings in any meta-understandable format, or some any-flavour-ugly-arts (drawing-music-other-ones-- the intention that counts), or maybe little fantasy friends for/like Oko the Bear, or any digital/physical (ok with that, but as things here in Chile are a bit dizzy, this can last months to arrive, but at least I have patience ^^, just keep that on mind) things, etc etc ... In fact, anything made/sent with love and good wishes will make me happy! :D

Do you like more digital things? I'm doing lots of computer stuff/media developing; if you want to do something specialized in that. Interests? Retro computer/consoles stuff and error/glitchy screens, testcards, etc. Also I'm actively learning english (isn't my main language). Of course, if you want to proupose your style, I'm open-minded in tastes!

That's it. I will love to see everyone's ideas! :D

P.S.: Also Astra, I know you're Santa logistic department, but also sometimes you need some sort of gift....

Contests and Events / Re: Nominate a Theme for Leeble Game Jam 4!
« on: January 26, 2019, 05:00:55 PM »
TIME PLAYED 05:21                                  
SCORE 0 OF 127

EN.I wants to register, but he's not sure about what engine to use. He needs to choose something before the world ends. One choose is the correct, the other will throw you to a world of suffering and despair. What road do will choose?


(I'm in, I won't lose this definitively! My topic? Jelly )


Guess what? Yeah, that time I turned on my pc was different...
But liked it a lot and decided it that image now will be the default one.

I like so much how it looks like as desktop wallpaper for everyday chores! So thank you 2x EL! <3!


Let me have a little opinion for other folks gifts (or at least the ones I have enough info for make an opinion... I dunno for example what to say for the secret steam codes haha) ^^

JuuNi's gift: Hey! That sounds cute! Looks like an aunthentic pocket-sized christmas SEGA chiptune for running outside at the cold singing merry christmas! haha.  And the ending is fine, is like ending with still that sweet ingredient you put inside. Backwards? Sounds like it reminds some song but i'm not sure what...

Kreyg's gift: I don't know much about guitars but this nylon cover (I'm right?) is very relaxant, but misteriously epic at the same time. Accomplishing that is definitively NOT easy, so for someone like kreyg is a really good gift!  :D

SoHoInBrooklyn's gift: Psst if someone thinks the executable postcard didn't work, I just will say: Did you open again and again and again? Maybe there's some different error message this time (?)

Akira's gift: Epoch plans! And it uses Diesel? WOW! I think you will need to go to the future to take some trash-based fuel from Back from the future movie before screw any tetris contest XD. That image looks SO cool man, full of tiny technical details! Just remember to give some grettings to Janus and Ozzie. Also... Hey, you need to put a Cannon Sticker on it! (Sorry, I had to say it XDD)

Jordi's gift: How you! ... If you want to see No holds bard in your town and you don't wear these, serious problem will happen. You know, envoys at night with australian flavour (?). So having one of these will save you from a inminent disaster... and also you will looking very cool. Just have some patience with mail but it will arrive (3-4 months sometimes... have patience...)

Naska's gift: Awwww emmy's first melody? Sweet! :D That gift then was accurrate!  :) Also beacuse this melody sounds too heartful and inspirational for everyday (cheerful, sleepy, happy, hungry, etc, etc) imaginary adventure uses ;) Come on, very emmy one, a theme for her!

Aidewen's gift: .....? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd A thing like that EXIST? Holy cow! Oh ... it's just a box? Okay, but... but WHAT a box! 11/10! The pack is awesome awesone! And with NieR automata OST! ahahaha!

Orison the owlet's gift: Sixty doing that sort of cute things is a really big thing and lots of effort haha. I like how it mixes many things that little owl admires :D mixed with the aunthentic 60.25 style, in some sort of way. It's an incredible mix of two completly different worlds.

EL's gift: Owl says that maybe will have mistakes, but the idea is not giving a perfect gift, instead giving a one with lots of love in it. And that's one of those, and a beautiful one! Gemma in this one looks so cute! And also is great that you give the making-off process, so people can see all the effort involved in it, and that's really cool! :D
sprout's gift: Not much to say, but that package is HYPNOTIC  <3

Jankmo-o's gift: The beggining is so peaceful and relaxing, with lots of talent in that piano score... but if it's kreyg, something kreyg can happen... not? Obviously hahahahaha! I just want to say: Stop! haha Stop! Relax a little! haha  :D :D I imagine a christmas dinner in a completely mess with food war and that thing. And... the horse? WHY A HORSE? XDDDDDDDDD


Also Astra! Thank you so so so so so so much for organizing this once more. I think you deserve a big bukfus-sized hug! Hehehe.

Now If you excuse me I need to recover from all christmas food XD

Last time I'm not too much active mainly beacuse interesting stuff happens at >3 AM XD, but it's a good oportunity to give love since...
Spoiler for "If you belive in santa ignore this":
When you're an adult, you need to be Santa for make christmas alive :D

I will copypaste the past year stuff, since my tastes doesn't changed too much.
A gift? Can be litteraly anything. I love imagination in a broad way, so you can think in simple things like grettings in any meta-understandable format, or some any-flavour-ugly-arts (drawing-music-other-ones-- the intention that counts), or maybe little fantasy friends, or any digital/physical (ok with that) things, etc etc ... In fact, anything made/sent with love and good wishes will make me happy

Do you like more digital things? I'm doing lots of computer stuff/media developing; if you want to do something specialized in that. Interests? Retro computer/consoles stuff and error/glitchy screens. (I loved Pony Island (?) ). But if you want to proupose your style, I'm open-minded in tastes


Contests and Events / Re: LEEBLE FOREST SUMMER FESTIVAL 2018
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:27:41 AM »

EN.I (MHw)


Ok, do we need description for everything? I like a bit of mistery...

Just joking. Welcome to this little crazy stall, full of experiments, educative games and random stuff ripped of mixed nightmares around there and there! This month was full of work and troubles with my free time and my equipment... but I was able to reach here now! Yay! So, I have lots of experimental interactive electronic enterainment to show you, so please follow me! :D

Some background music for the festival ^^


From the deep Panko villages (?) and Rakuen valley, there's this mysterious Leeble Fortune Teller Machine 3000.

This magical machine has built by the most ancient shaman-nic stuff from the scariest sorcerers and druids leebles from <INSERT NAME HERE>. Once you put a coin inside, it will connect with other dimensions to reach and meet the most mysterious leebles spirits around the heavens and purgatories. Just for 20 seconds you will be communicate with one of those leebles, who will throw you very useful advices for your life. Maybe you will not understand too much what they said, but that's beacuse the making this magical connection is really expensive!  So make sure you will have lots of coins to communicate and find your desired fortune.

(If you're out of coins, You will find ATM who accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express 2 stalls behind).

  • Insert a coin (press space).
  • When you are ready to establish a connection with a spirit (to start the game), press the button 1.
  • When you made a connection with a leeble spirit, press the buttons from 1 to 9 to make contact with the leeble spirits before the time runs out. Press the buttons like it's shown in this ilustration.

  • Take out the ticket with the magical message that the leeble spirit said to you and show it to your friends! (you can copy-paste the output from the bottom to the screen!)

Example of an output of this teller machine:
 Where monsieur bud breakfast It looks A thing. Fill the sink is a thing youll' A box of flowers There? A hand towel" On another world! Yes Yes I have a Please contact me up? We

Don't look at me with that face. Know what depares to your future NOW and play with ZOHAR clicking in the cabinet!!!  (or here).

(* Phones are compatible but touchscreen input not optimized. Play on PC is recommended!).



Beacuse in this festival there's child too! There MUST be educative games, no? That's beacuse me, EN.I and MHw made huge efforts to make educative and interactive activities made just for children (Note: No) that helps learn elemental maths and algebra, solving excercises while they learn maths in a new didactive theory called: "Damn Opressive desesperate Enzo technique!" .

The game is super-easy to play: You are a cute sheep that needs to disable bombs (don't ask why). You must deactivate the bombs solving math excercises!!! The instructions are the following:
  • Start the game
  • With arrow keys move yourself to a barrel full of TNT until time runs out. Select it With ENTER or Z
  • A math excercise will appear. Solve it with the numbers on your keyboard until time runs out. Sumbit your answer with Z or ENTER
  • Be careful! If you commit a mistake the bombs will EXPLODE!!!
Sounds easy, huh? Well, this is my best and at the same time the worst game from me! There's also a EXTREME version of this game, but after talking a while with leeble staff I decided not uplodading here since it can be REALLY EXTREME (see video).

! No longer available

If you insist of having a copy of the EXTREME edition contact me at your OWN RISK.

DOWNLOAD (PC-Windows)!

(There's also an online version if you are really desesperate but I wouldn't recommend it, since it takes some time to load all game assets here).



Hope you have enjoyed EN.I Stall, and hope you didn't have (too much) nightmares. See you soon in another electronic fair expo... wait? Isn't a electronic one? Damn...

Contests and Events / Re: Leeble Game Jam 3: The Games!!
« on: April 07, 2018, 09:36:21 PM »
I just finished playing jam games. I could say It was an awesome experience see the work of all of yourselves. So, congrats to all :D :D :D

Now I will share my opinion of each game individually. I lasted circa one day to write those opinions (between sleeping, doing other real life favours, among other excuses haha). So, enjoy!

Love hate and spiders - Nicktendowii and EL company
Spoiler for Hiden:
Nice, a game without options haha. A cold almost-nighty ambient in the graphic style and the music welcomed me in a set of platform area that looks like the obscure sewers, or maybe a construction zone; anyways, a calm-everyday place that's not a good idea for a human stay. So here we start, with a spider with a calm, but ultra-aerobic skills. Wau! But, well, like star wars you have force but you will need to learn to dominate that force: and yeah, that's the point here in the game.

The core movements of the spider at principle might work in a nice way to let the player accomplish the poor spider mission, BUT in the practice, that core movements results in something ... maybe glitchy around there and there, that concludes in kinda funny behaivours, that you will need to master them for full-control the spider. I take it lika a some sort of meta-game-mechanic (hey, nobody says that being a spider was easy... you need to coordinate very well with all the legs and the rest of the stuff haha).

Also there's some strange things like physics glitches that makes you doing ultra-super jumps (and being stuck at the walls rotating at high speeds resulting in nausea, or being kicked out of the scenario... poor spider haha). I tried to beat it taking the main challange and meta one as I already told. I wasn't able to accomplish something bigger than bring 2 people, but since the web just fires at one direction (and 99% of the cases is the contrary direction of humans haa) but hey, is something! If you play for some time, you will catch the spider behaivour and you will be able to control it better :)

With some polishing at the core movements will be a really nice game :D

Junko - P.Yoshi.
Spoiler for Hiden:
After unpack the game and before playing it, I saw the VXAce logo; so all RunTimePackage stuff, hero saving princesses and so on came into my mind (without seeing that is your game). Guess? I was completly wrong hahahaha. Just after you open the executable, you set a vertial screen layout: I think "Oh, you like to break schemes", and efectively you did with this game. I know lots of people already told opinions about the ambient of the game and some it has. While playing it, I was analyzing technically about graphic style, palletes and fonts used, the music and other stuff, asking myself if this game can be ported into Gameboy Color or maybe SNES hombrew ROM (maybe the graphics can be capable in the first one, but there will be some issues with the palletes and specially the sound, since both are synthetized (by waves in first, samples in second) music by sound chips, so SNES can be a good option ). Anwyays, that's just personal nerdy questions, since people nowadays plays more stuff in PC (or modern consoles) rather than limit theirselves in old hardware hehe.

Now back to the game haha. I loved how you handle the dreams in an athmospheric way: Just for mention some cases, hearing sounds that came from real life (Or I guess so, some sounds you will hear also when you're awake), or mainly when you woke up with gun, or by another fortuite reason, you didn't care about how maker works, you just cut stuff and throw the player with all the involved magic of that world and kick it to reality in less than a second! Just a tiny detail, I know, but you know, many little details makes a great work (whatever if it's a game or not). At first time I was not understand too much what's happening, but I didn't care much about that beacuse dreams are dreams: There's nonsense around when we dream things, but sure is related with stuff that can be realted with real life of poor Junko. I mean, the sole prescence of death in many forms (including someone that don't notices you),  the many times she says that wants to live, going east running from something for obtaining life and death in form of a violin and a scythe (I don't know if she was sucessful or not running away). But yeah, I think I learnt some of Junko's life in a indirect way (or I was wrong and I just give too much atention in that and the idea is just play XD).

There's a little con in the game, that is related to the ending. "Go east" scene was awesome: like shigi said, is very emotional and communicates to the player lots, lots of things about Junko. But after that climax scene, the game continues, going back to the "search slowly and explore" mechanic for some minutes until you obtain the scythe and ... the end? That's it. I don't want to say the ending was bad, no. Is just... The reaction of the ending of Junko was similar when I saw the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion haha. Maybe has a similarity too: The game will continue maybe, or maybe it was a time-out from jam's due dates. Indeed of that the game WAS a experience. Good work Yoshi! :D

Captain Sun vs The Forces of Negativity - kreyg
Spoiler for Hiden:
Man, what a epic title for a epic experience haahaha! (I just didn't able to find what is the role of that girl in the title, but who cares, it add epicness to the epicness, so it's more than okay haha!). No history stuff, no tangled history frames, just Captian Sun in a rounded font with bold for remarking the epic epicness quest of epic you will take. Haha, okay, enough, but I must admit that I loved the meta-sensation of the title screen you wanted to transmit to the players haha.

Now to the important stuff, the game. I was quite bad to the shooter genre, but anyways, it was enjoyable, even if I lose most of the time :D Fighting that sad hate words was like cheering up your friends in depressive moments (in a very comical way, and in a instant time, of course), spiders and scary things included in that quest. No, you didn't surrender easily for that, eh, you need to go it with lots and lots of caution if you didn't want to die and be depressed for the rest of your journey (and let your friends play for fixing that).

This game uses a mouse to play it. For some reason I feel more comfortable use laptop trackpad rather than a mouse (where generally speaking, in almost games the rule is that a normal mouse is far way better than trackpad, so you broke a general game rule haha). I loved too the metal sounds when you some hashes hits your spaceship (sounds like cheap branded spaceships... maybe captain sun can't afford more sophisticated ones for the journeys? Maybe she bought it doing bingo's or selling happiness cookies?) My highest score was circa 3500, dying at the second spider. Hey, at least it was something XD

Anime Dream Girl - Alzar
Spoiler for Hiden:
Damn Alzar, why the music are in those strange SFK formats? ahaha. I want to review your game while listeing the tracks, but no worries. I can open the game and use your "magic... music... crystal thing" music test function (thanks for that! There's people who appreciate that features in a game :D). I can't complain much about a game with full O-ST with even O-riginal vocals! :D  (Remark that O from the words! yay!), cameos to even Rakuen included. I just want to say the music was awesome and the style fits perfect with a "reality-show" background music ambient.

I like how you handle and exploit many different personalities coexisting togheter trying to convence a girl in a ... well... chaotic way, and even show to the player all that chaos in a very comic way! That was definitvely not an easy task, absolutey, beacuse you need to take care about all possible combinations and unforseen situations can occur in the game script and all their branches that can be occur in base what decisions take poor DriverX (that was my player name by tradition, taken from racing games as a test-pilot of harsh crash tests XD). For example, I can't just imagine that break things (I would like that, but not in a too direct way) will harm me in future scenes while conquesting girls XD (talking about that damn superficial-materialist Dream Girl (just personal toughts about personality hehe), but I think that will be in general too ahaha). Also, there was lots of awesome details in form of minigames that enhances even more the game experience (like the RPG battle, that I prepared a lot for the combat just for realize that you can defeat it after 4 turns haha).

Hey, the game HAS LOTS of potential. It would be nice seeing what borders can all that chaos reach at the end of the show haha. But yeah, is hard keeping and developing a strong-decision-based game like that when the game advances more and more. But if you want to give some more iterations to it, it would be awesome, yeah! Also, as a feedback, it would be nice if you can manage to add more tecnical-TV-set stuff to the game (cameras, monitors, cables, tv show crew, scenario place-holders for recording live stuff, and so on) to give more ambient than a medieval one (It understands that for time and talent reasons you're using RunTimePackage stuff). Anyways, I feel a really bad feeling about Tom. 99.98% sure he will be a very tought finalist! O_O

A tale about two sisters - Average Potato
Spoiler for Hiden:
What a cute game I have here! A story that tells to the player the importance of being always at the good side, besides if your sister is more annoying than a Navi from Zelda saying "listen" each time when I commit a grammar mistake haha. Nothing to say about the big plot twist at the ending hahaha. Those graphics maybe was simple, but guess what? That was made with love, and you know when something is made with love, it will be instantly better than much of many many stock resources/assets out there at internet ^^ You do the sisters, a witch, a cat, cute spiders, a giant penguin (!), and even potatoes! Man, those potatoes I must admit that was my favourite characters in all the game!

There was a feature I missed from early game started, and it was music ambientation. In a videogame, music puts a big part of the overall ambientation you want the player feels, and the lacking of it makes the game a little empty. But also it gives a advantage: I can put any music I want. So seeing the game ambientation I put in my playlist some strange combination of Paper Mario + Terranigma tracks to give ambientation to that big forest you made in all the game. There was some bugs when NPC's trying to move to let me pass in several scenes (when I was talking from the same side the character walks, the game freezes), but that's easily fixable. Just catch me one day on Discord and I will help you fixing that ^^.

I feel from this game that you learnt a lot about game developing, and THAT's really nice! Did you see that with effort you can accomplish great things? But I must tell to you, that game developing is like a neverending process: You will always learn something new, so I give you the invitation for continue polishing the game (adding music, for example), or maybe trying something new... whatever you want, but keep trying and making cool stuff :D

Angela's blind smile - EN.I
Spoiler for Hiden:
Just 2 hours more with that text-to-speech voice, and I will become crazy.

Love Less : A Love-Hate Card Game - EL
Spoiler for Hiden:
I must admit I didn't have time for trying this game with someone (and even printing it or something like that), but let me give you an opinion about what I saw meanwhil... Wait, you put the player, my auntie, an alpaca and even shigi as cards?! How loveless you are haahha!

The presentation of the game was really clear and simple, always maintaining that graphic style about simple contrasts (love and hate basically), but maybe that will be a little... subjective (I know you put a note inside the game for the same reason, that's helpful). Despiste of that, seeing the cards, that looks like a lot of unknown and ever funny combinations (and ever more if you have imagination and you want to create your own cards!). Another thing I liked for this game, that It's not too deep in how do you play it, and it's very flexible in set up a match and playing for a while. You can play for just 1 turn (maybe 3-5 minutes) until... well... until you get bored of it. You do not commit much with learning curves and all those things that scare most casual players, so, yeah, it's a huge plus in fast matches of this game!

Like some people already told you on discord, It would be interesting seeing a digital version of this game. Sounds fun, but maybe is funnier if I play it (yeah).

Love and hate - ┬┐Megabrutal?
Spoiler for Hiden:
Hey! A Phaser CE 2.x Game! :D I like a lot that game engine (I follow their dev logs by the creators), and how versatile is game even simple or even really complex games there. Let's take a look what we have. I read your description, and followed by that I catch your game idea. But if I were not read that, the idea will not be understandable. It would be good try to explain to your player what's going on on the screen before throw him/her in your world that you're created (I din't say the whole game idea, but a few words and controls, like you shared in the post would be good).

I feel like this game is about sheperds and sheeps, and you need to put him in their shelters ^^, Or maybe monsters that you will need to put in cages, o even in a zoo context, well, the game ambient is exploitable. The idea was simple and nice. What we got in the execution? Okay, we are in a some sort of inner walls that you can't pass (but the monsters they?), so you can just guide the monsters into the cages that are inside of that wall. Maybe with lots of trickery you can guide a monster to a cage outside, but with lots of technique and luck (that implies trying many times). Maybe it will be a good idea adjust the randomized spawn points of the monsters and cages to fit inside, and enable wall physics colissions to the monsters too.

Taking a peek at the source code I have to say that the code is very clean and easy to understand :D You made it object oriented, separating sucesfully game elements one each other. So fixing it or showing to another one it won't be a hard task at all. Correcting those things I said it would be really fun to play! ^^. If you need some help, take a peek at Phaser Examples page: (there's lots of editable examples, you can learn a lot inside)

Another thing you can do to improve gameplay is adding a reset button. It's easy: Just add a sprite and enable it as a button in this folloing format:

Code: [Select]
var button =,0,"whathever");
button.inputEnabled = true; {'GamePlay');
}, this);

Spider Dating Sim - Orison the owlet
Spoiler for Hiden:
After... playing... this I think I wasn't able to kill a spider... again T_T So MUCH cuteness, oh my god! Oh, and the music won't help to revert the situation XD.

At least I can say 5 minutes of it can help cure depressions, for sure. The handmade backgrounds ambients (did you notice house backgrounds are missing?) and the SO-many-emotion spiders couple defines a clear ambientation that the creator has intended to transmit (If you don't trust me, take a peek at the resources folder and see that by yourself ;) ). And it transmit it in a really nice way. You don't need to be alwyays super realistic stuff for impress the half of the world. Sometimes people just looks for something cute. And it works, at least for me!

It was a nice experience playing it, but sometimes I wished if there will be a little more interactivity in the game, more than advance in the history (like take decisions, and that decisions change things in gameplay), but I know that one must go slowly when one makes something like a videogame. At least the final music-test feature was nice to hear the original scores you made (your Ode to Joy version was great!). Also, I noticed the menu buttons at below of the screen was too tiny! Maybe you wished to hide them?

Also Owl, I'm too proud about your progress using Python and an engine like RenPy :D I take a little peek at the code you wrote and looks nice well structured (looks like Assembly more than Python with those short commands and variables, a really hard programming language). Maybe separate scripts in many files and learning how to handle with functions would help you a little in future projects, but hey! That's lot of advance! Keep up the good work my friend! ^^

It was a really pleasure playing your games. I'm really happy of everyone (even sixty and orochii, please finish your games!), all of your games are awesome, besides of technical aspect (I'm so happy specially about people who are learning game programming yay!). Keep up doing awesome things, I will still be alert for seeing new things for yourselves.


@P. Yoshi
Don't worry, is fine untrust a strange executable that uses internet haha! As I said in readme, this game was made in the half of the time of the jam, so I need to cut in many things (like any graphics for example). And well, that's true: I need to still improve my grammar (but I have to say, It was a huge exercise to me made a game that is basically text-made one). In this build the source files are not public, but if you're curious the internet requirement is basically for using Google Translate API and text to speech, no more, no less. Maybe I will publish a more polished version of the game some time after with source files if people doubts about package contents XD...

I enjoyed seeing everyone opinions of all the games.
Take care, bye! ^^

Dev Logs / [Leeble Game Jam 2018] Angela's Blind Smile
« on: March 31, 2018, 09:07:00 PM »

Angela's blind smile.

                                                    2018(L) Marbleen Hyperware Red Studios
                                                    By Enzo Barbaguelatta - EN.I
                                                    Made for Leeble Game Jam 2018

Concept/idea/coding/audio           : Enzo Barbaguelatta (EN.I)
Version                                           : v1.0 (Leeble Game Jam 2018)
Platform                                          : PC-Windows (x86)
Package size                                    : 30.0 MB (uncompressed)
Language                                        : English
Genre                                             : Interactive text novel.
Duration                                         : 1 - 1 1/2 hrs.
Engine                                            : cuentoScript (own-developed engine for the game, using NodeJS/C/C++, BASS.dll)

This game makes intensive use of internet. A stable connection is required to play.

->If you run this game and there's no text-to-speech audio since difficulty selection, restart the game.
->In windows 7 (and maybe XP) machines, title screen and some other ASCII art are not rendering correctly. But the game is still playable.


A text-interactive-novel based game, made for Leeble Game Jam 2018, by the Leeble Forest
community (; using the theme "Love and Hate", with "SPIDERS!"
as optional sub-theme. This game tells the history of Charles, a young blind person fallen
in love with Angela, a girl that lives in the country of Atwaya. After many problems with
his family, he decides to throw it all, leave his home country, Gondinia to reach Atwaya
to be close from Angela. But he didn't take any precautions for reach a new, unknown and
even hostile place, when almost everyone speaks another language! You must help Charles
handle with all those problems for make him reunite with Angela.

Technically speaking, when Charles talks with foreginers, the original dialogue translates
automatically into random different languages, obfuscating it and make a similar feeling
when you try to understand other languages in real life. Also, that makes generate dialogues
unique one each other, so each execution of this history is relative unique somehow.


This game is 100% text based, so you will navigate in the story with your keyboard.

*   The game tells you a history in screen, but also in voice (Text-to-speech based),
    accompanied by envorimental sound effects and ocassional background music.

*   When the game makes you select an option, you must be press the number of the option
    you want, following the ENTER button to confirm it.

*   In sandbox mode, you can type the dialog you want, followed by ENTER button. Then
    after some seconds you will recieve the Atwayan (ofuscated) version of the word
    you typed.


    Keyboard numbers: Select an option.
    ENTER: Confirm button.


*   If for some reason, the game fails, when you start the game, after select the difficulty
    level, the game makes you select between start the game (1) or enter into sandbox mode
    (2). However, there's a hidden option (3), that allows you to skip chapters in the
    game. Is useful if you don't want to start the whole game again, or, if you left
    the history in the half of it, and you want to continue it.

*   If you are stuck in the train scene, I can give you the solution of that part, to sell
    all the Mega9 snacks: First time: 2nd option; Second time: 4th option; Third time:
    3rd option; Fourth time: 6th option. Thank me later.


Yeah, there's some just a bunch of hours left to delploy this game and give it to Shigi; also
for making a post in the forums; but yes, I will give some time to leave a words about
what this game was made.

When the theme "Love and hate" with "SPIDERS!" as optional subtheme appears, my mind litteraly
exploded. Man, what can I do with a topic that is so complex and subjective. I think days
and days what can I do, and after some time, I came with a really strange idea, about
TV shows and latinamerican telenovelas. You can read a little about it here:

The idea tecnically speaking was consisted in a some sort of multiplayer TV show, where
lots of couples fights in real time playing as a spider trying to not be killed... all
of that inside a TV show, using a real-time physics system. The issue was that idea was
a little forced with the jam's topic; also that the execution of that game was so hard.
I started developing technical demos with relative success until March 15th appears. It's
already half of the month, and I have ZERO game progress. So as a point of no return, I
forcibly cancelled that game idea, and thinked in a Plan B. I was just 15 days left, rather
than 30 that the jam's original duration.

So, after thinking a while, I came with the idea of express love and hate with some problems
present in society in these current days: Foregineers inmigration, xenophobia, misunderstanding.
In those topics, love and hate are SO present, so I've decided to tell a history.

As I already say in this post, I developed a ofuscation system that takes a dialogue,
it translates into 5 or 7 different random languages and then translate back into english
to make it "unreadable/ofuscated", but not completely. This system in the game makes
a similar effect when some foregineer tries to speak you, and you only understands a
very little of it (then by that you try to make decisions with that sentence). If I want
to make feel a similar experience when people talks with Charles, I must include it in
this history. That's done with Google-Translate online API.

Yeah, also if you didn't understand much language, you can see another things, specially
the envoriment for trying to understand what's going on. So, seeking the litle time I
had to develop the game, follow this idea in mind, I decided to no include any graphics
in the game and present it as a text-only game, focusing more in the dialogues, and,
of course: the audio. For make the history more interesting and less boring, I used
also the Text-To-Speech API from Google, that works like a  storyteller. ^^

So, with all those constraints in mind, I choose NodeJS as my programming weapon
(Is basically Javascript, but without the web browser). In that I developed an story-telling
engine that I called cuentoScript: A basic scripting system for writing interactive novels,
with decision making, automatic translation/ofuscation and rich audio experience
(Using the awesome Un4seen BASS.dll library and a bit of C/C++ for integrating it with
NodeJS). It took me a week develop that engine, and all of the rest was writing the
novel and converting it in a cuentoScript format.

The novel was so long, I think maybe I can't have it finished until March 31, but
here I am: I finished it! Yay! Maybe with some glitches around there and there, and with
lots of gramtatical horrors, *ahem* errors (hey, I talk spanish natively, not english,
this game was then a big exercise to train my english writing skills :) ), but hey,
It's playable! :D

I want to be sincere: I really want to play the other entries: It must be awesome all
of them. So, I don't have more words to say. Now, if you excuse me, I have to do a
last-time revisions until upload it. So, enjoy! ^-^


(Well... or at least, a try of these... it's a text game, screenshots of text are little nonsense haha  :P)


I reached it! I'm done! Yay!
Hope to play another leeble game jam games too! I would be so excited to see them!

Bye!  :)

Dev Logs / Re: Game Jam 2018 Potato Project (Working Title)
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:46:48 PM »

The Witch tells Agatha that Deborah has been kidnapped by an evil demon

Aaah, the RPG formula! It would be an interesting game, since those are strong history based!
Hey, about the houses if fits or not with human sizes yeah, it can be a thing, but hey, you have houses (another people just can't draw things), so feel yourself lucky! I assume you will be doing this in some RPG Maker, isn't... oh wait, you already mentioned that, sorry.

Obtaining the ingredients (with all the surprises that will comes besides of the main quest) will be fun!

Dev Logs / Re: Game Jam 2018 - Love, Hate and Spiders!
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:40:29 PM »
Hi nicktendo (hope the sweets for leeble secret santa will arrived in good state).
Your log looks a lot like a short resume section of a Game Design Document. I can see you are familiar with game design world haha.

Your (and your partner) idea looks so solid! But I think there's lot of features that can ralentize develop process. Well, hope you have lots of enthusiasm and accomplish that in the month of the jam (and if there's no, don't worry, I ve wait it anyways hehe). I think you both will advance in a good way (since you both looks having clear ideas of what to do... I was so chaotic while developing things ahaa).

I have hope see this game, It would be really fun/nice results.
Grettings to both!

Dev Logs / Re: A Night in Monsieur Bud's Mansion
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:32:12 PM »
Hi shigi!
Rakuen spin-offs, eh?

That house is really about mystery, not just in the main game, also in this idea!!! But here is wasn't just crumble, is more deep! I think the reasons of that "crime scene" will be filled of love hate and... spiders? Wow, it has potential hahah.

Hope the game will not transform in some Sega arcade (house of the dead) ^^.
PD: That apple still looks too suspicious for me haha.

Dev Logs / Re: A little owl's log [Leeble Game Jam 2018]
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:26:03 PM »
Hi little owl!

Oh, you take the spider-dating-sim challange! Waaau hahaha. The addition of karma I think it will add much more realism to the date, keeping away from movies and series teach us about romatic stuff and take real problems into the table  ;)

Hey, don't worry, games can wait, the exams not. Study well for doing that exam and after that feel free to start your game. It would be interesting seeing your python progress (you will be using RenPy, isn't?)

Good luck!


@supershigi Mmm... Do do belive me if I say I never played Undertale? However, I saw a gameplay about Mettaton and yes, has that  charisma that TV hosts has hehe. Well, there's still first days of developing, so I need to polish a bit more what's the role about host... I thinked more in a TV show itself more than a host, but I need to think in him/her too... I think the game is going too much experimental.

@Lysaea: Until today the idea has quite experimental stuff involving multiplayer so for now I'm going with HTML5 stuff (For now Phaser, P2 Physics, Socket.IO, nodeJS)...

I already started doing mechanics tests and other sort of technical demos... but that's for another dev log later.
See ya! :)

Dev Logs / Re: izzi
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:12:58 PM »

Aaaagh damn photobucket, it deleted the awesome artwork (I remembered saw it in artistic section of discord and that's awesome).

The revenge is inminent here, I would love play something like this, specially in a context where you remove the stereotype of lovely teddy bears to... yeah real bears that don't give any... well, there's kids out there, but you catch me hehe.

Take your time, there's still plenty of time for polish that idea!

Take care :)

EDIT: What? I refresed the page and now the image exist... Photobucket is quite schizophrenic...

Divorce-o-Matic television networks
2017 Marbleen Hyperware (EN.I) for LeebleGameJam 2018
Dev log #1

So here is the first log of the game. Since is just the first day, I will write this time just some toughts of my brainstorming session of this game. Still nothing about the game itself, how to play, rules, crude-development-log and others... So, sit and enjoy!


LOG 1: Brainstorming, or the concept of love and hate in couples... in certain situations hehe.


I think so much what to do this jam, beacuse... man, love and hate theme is so deep: Basically, is not a thing or a concept, is a consequence emotion made by something. So you just can't do anything  about that, beacuse some things you hate other people will love it... and vice versa, and vice versa rotated 180 degrees. Is very subjective!!!

I used to think some random ideas from a failed date RPG, or even latino tv shows based (I commented that on discord this morning I remember), but those ideas are SO vague that I discarded them instantly.

So first, I needed to answer myself a question before ever thinking what to do: What can make couples love each other for the rest of the life, or maybe hate themeselves and attack selfs with frying pan's, bad words, rotten tomatoes and some sort of things...

Let's turn into the classic cheap boring inspirational love quotes from [insert your favourite social network here]:

Yeah, if you love someone you probably know each other enough to think what likes and what dislikes (problem 1 of subjectity solved! yay!  :D). But... That's an ultra-ideal case ... what happens if a not utra ideal case? Let's go back into those cards:

Awww.. romantic isn't? But please, add some 14oz of despair and a very tight time to make fast desicions... (Fast-taken decisions are the worst, period) trying to save you from a disaster...

...toghether. Then, there's hate:idea: The formula is complete!!! Why hate? Beacuse with LOTS of desesperation you need to take fast decisions toghether... but if your decisions does not match with the ones from your couple.

a) You will be discuss with her beacuse there's a conflict.
b) There's no time to make decisions. Both we take an stupid solution (or even more, no taking one at all).
c) You will die from a disastrous scenario.
d) You will discuss with your couple (or laugh if the love is bigger than that problem) why you choose that damn solution for your problem
e) Who knows? You will maybe break up.

So, the name of this game is:
Divorce-o-Matic television networks
(Read that with some sort of festive madness music: )

Waaait, why tv networks? Some spare ideas to implement in a game: Fast bad-decision making would be fun to see... so, how about trying to make this game more like a LIVE-tv show rather than a multiplayer videogame? While some players are trying to get agree togheter while escaping from a disastreous situation, other players are seeing and laughing them ... and also making couples for the next incoming match.

For play this game you will need 2+ players. Generally a couple consist of 2 players, one male, one female. But for not being so restrictive (and to be open minded in this 21 century) we can also accept 3, 4, 5, 6... different or same genders, or even more players!

So before end this busy day I take my notebook and drawn some ideas for what's the gaming thing about...

But I won't want to tell you what's going on here... at least for this log  :ack:


Well... I will try to publish some logs meanwhile I was getting more progress in the game. I work in weeks too, and generally I arrive at home at evening-night, so there's no much free time for doing things. But I'm so enthusiasted for doing and cook something here... So hope this goes well, and hope to write juicy updates soon.

Good luck everybody. I would love to see other's leeble game logs from the jam! :D


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