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Dev Logs / Witch Dress? (GameJam'17)
« on: January 04, 2017, 07:31:01 PM »

Meet Revuria, an girl living either on the streets or at the local inn - depending on her funds for the day. She recently left her home in the forest to move to the city.

She can also use magic as long as she has the proper reagents. Most people think she is a witch.

In preparation for the crowning of the new Empress, the Kingdom holds a traditional contest: design a dress for the Empress and win coin.

Always having to sew and create make-shift clothes for her and her brother back home, Revuria believes this to be the perfect opportunity. She's also willing to cheat to win.

Let the contest begin!

The ultimate goal of the game is create the ultimate dress for the upcoming-Empress. However, you may not win if you don't do it correctly.

By paying attention to what the Princess likes, you have a higher chance of winning.

How do you build a dress? By gathering all the materials for it, of course - in whatever you way you want! It won't be as easy as you think when you're broke. Do favors, steal, knock-out, or charm your way to get what you need.


  • DAY ONE: n/a
  • DAY TWO: Splice tilesets together
  • DAY THREE: Used generator to create Revuria
  • DAY FOUR: Created a Logo

  • Create town-hub map
  • Event everything
  • Add art (if time)

Business / Ghost Shards Inquisitor - SEEKING SPRITER(S)
« on: January 28, 2016, 11:07:31 AM »

What's Going On
A yearly festival occurs every April here and with it a section dedicated to indie video & board games. Along with the ability to showcase a game our team created, there are also potential for winning a prize.

You can find the download here.

Our goal is to polish our IGMC game for this showcase.

The deadline is March 11th of this year.

What We Need
We are using our own sprite template and are in the process of switching from the default RTP to Pixel Mania graphics. In the IGMC version there were hardly any NPCs and the ones that appeared had no other views as they were not finished. I'm afraid we won't have the time available to sprite a bunch of NPCs from scratch.

Thus, I would like to request for a Spriter to use our template and create as many NPCs as you can by the end of February.

Template Samples:

Please contact me at nerdbombstudios(at) with your work and contact information.

If you are interested in helping the project, either spread the word or message me about it.

P.S. If you live in the SE area of the United States, you can attend the festival. PM me for details.

Thank you for reading!

Ghost Shards Inquisitor is a mystery/detective game set in the high fantasy world of Xale.




Thanks for viewing, and extra thanks for playing if you do!

General Discussion / Halloween!
« on: October 31, 2015, 07:27:09 PM »
I didn't do much this, year. Anyone else? Using parts from old costumes I managed to put something together and took some costumes. :P

Complete Indie/Homemade Games / Ghost Shards Inquisitor
« on: August 07, 2015, 03:51:29 PM »

Ghost Shards Inquisitor is a mystery/detective game set in the high fantasy world of Xale. We purposely made our synopsis short as to not give away any answers or spoilers.


Feed back is appreciated as usual!




Thanks for viewing, and extra thanks for playing if you do!

Dev Logs / The Sylvan Maid Astray
« on: April 01, 2015, 06:13:56 PM »

On the first day of spring, as early as dawn, the elven children of Mystwood wander around to gather as many freshly bloomed flowers as they can.

Despite her father's warnings, 14-year-old Sylphia does not stick close enough to the other elves in order to avoid getting lost--as she often does. Instead she trails behind, her mind unfocused on the task at hand. Only when she sees the motionless body of a rabbit off the trail does Sylphia suddenly move faster.

Taking a step next to the rabbit leaves her feeling light-headed and dizzy, causing her to fall unconscious.

* Collect Pixie Dust while navigating maze-like levels to find a way home
* Get 1, 2, or 3 stars at the end of each level depending how many points you scored

Gameplay Ideas
* Terrain that acts as obstacles
* Extra goals for each level that impacts the star rating
* Finding secret items, or secrets in general
* Power-ups that allow Sylphia to do certain things for a short amount of times (ex. not get hurt or run faster)

Nerd Bomb
- Melanii/Strawberrii: Concept & Development
- Star: Eventing & Coding Assistance
- Catfire: Music

- Yanfly
- Napoleon
- Glitchfinder
- KMS/Mr. Bubble
- VM of DT
- Khas Arcthunder
- NeonBlack
- PK8
- Victor Saint
- Nicke
- Mithran

- DS Resource Pack
- Titlescreen Book: PandaMaru
- Quill Cursor: Avery
- Placeholder UI: GameArtForge

General Discussion / The Process of Game Development
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:00:39 PM »

My boyfriend, my friends, and I, are making an RPG under the name "Nerd Bomb". My BF and I started the game in 2011, alone, and when I went to *work* at job training center, I met others who wanted to help.

After all these years, we have only been able to release a tech demo that was buggy and messed up.

On September of last year we decided to "get serious".

Everything started from scratch, with the ambition of making the game commercial. Our "big boss", my boyfriend, took charge of starting creating the 2D graphics of the first area (a snow island). He's also in charge of "coding", eventing, and all the art.

So because I can't get through to him the importantness of using placeholder of template art before doing any sort of actual detail, I thought I'd ask something here:

Can anyone give examples of their process when creating a game? And, sadly, it would mean something MORE if you have examples of finished products. Can anyone find interviews of game developers (indie or AAA) talking about their development process? For example, my BF looks up to Todd Howard, one of the major creators of the Elder Scrolls.


General Discussion / Deciding on my online presence
« on: May 27, 2014, 02:22:01 PM »
Hello, my name is Fuzzyredscarf. No, maybe it was StrawberryFlower? Just call me Strawberrii. Did I ever tell you I don't like strawberries? How about Melaniipon? You could always go by my birth name Stephanie, or my nickname of Stephy.

Was there a point in that? Maybe.

Online, I'm not bound to just my house to make contact with the outside world. I can open myself up for friendship to others just by making posts on forums, updates on Twitter, or simply through an IM service.

When you have a huge fear of driving, plus other mental disabilities, like myself,  you tend be at home most of the time while your only "driver" is working for 8 or even 9 hours every weekday.

I'm plan to work one day - as soon as someone's willing to hire me for their company. In the mean time, I'll just write this novel (which by the way has nearly 18 thousand words out of a possible 80 thousand).

Right now I have accounts on Twitter and a blog called Bubbly Musings. They are both a bit... silly. I'm debating if I should have "professional" versions - without vulgar language that occasionally spit out, suggestive re-tweets that make me "lol", and without the silly name of the blog that means nothing.

Should I be afraid of what others might, think? Probably not. I almost want to start my blog all over just because I hate the url, but I can't actually change it without a fee.

Since I haven't even made a difference to the world yet - through writing or working, I don't know why I care. It feels right, though.

Am I really silly?

General Discussion / Finding "Outside" Activities!
« on: May 01, 2014, 07:44:18 PM »
This thread should be simple. :P Basically, I want to get out more and meet people to hang out with! Based on the following hobbies/likes, what suggestions would anyone have for me to do?

  • writing (novels mostly)
  • creating original characters
  • playing video games
  • anime (I'm picky, though)
  • anything fantasy
  • reading books
  • drawing
  • pixel art
  • plushies resembling cute animals or mascots
  • unique dolls (not mainstream, but includes Ball-Jointed Dolls)
  • animals (cats, rabbits, sheep, etc.)

Thanks for any help!

General Discussion / Battling the Negative Stigma of Mental Illness
« on: April 10, 2014, 10:13:17 AM »
When you hear the word "bipolar" what do you think of?

When you hear that he or she has "PTSD", what comes to mind?

When you hear someone they have "depression" how do you feel?

What about when you hear about "social anxiety"?

These are all things many people with mental illness struggle with - including me. Although I primarily have Bipolar II and PTSD, depression and anxiety are just two of many things associated with them. Looking at me, you might not think anything is wrong with me. You may even call me "normal". It is true that I take pills to balance everything, but, would you still think of me as "normal"?

There is, unfortunately, a lot of negative stigma regarding mental illness. I hear people use certain terms so lightly - even without knowing a person, they might call another "bipolar" just because their moods change so rapidly. It's so much more than that!

Have you ever felt like you were on air one day, with the thoughts that you were a wonderful person with a great life? That you could achieve anything? You didn't feel ugly and that you actually liked yourself? You felt so "normal", that you were so happy? It didn't matter if you were bouncing off the walls, with your thoughts flashing through your mind with ideas and things you wanted to do. You could easily kept a conversation with anyone - even if they didn't understand you half the time?

You felt so great, you even consider not seeing anyone for anything you thought you had?

Then within several days that feeling of greatness just slips away from you, and all you want to do is sleep and not care about anything - including yourself. You feel so useless, that if you died, no one would care as you were just wasting space anyway. Everything you want to do seems pointless, because you know you won't succeed anyway.

You begin to wonder... Where did that happiness I was experiencing go? Why can't I have it back? You feel so much anger at times, that the littlest things make you go off. You hit your loved ones, you yell at them, you try to hurt them - or even yourself. You end up crying afterwards, wondering why you would do such things to people you love.

Most of this is balanced out by medication, but even that isn't helpful. Knowing all this, would you still cast such a negative light on me - or even someone like me? I've encountered all sorts of people who don't believe in mental illness and just use the terms as a way to label someone's personality. If they're their mood is strange, they are automatically "bipolar".

With PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), many people associate that with war veterans; when I search for helpful sites on it, many of them are aimed at such people. Only some were aimed at other victims. It can be obtained by people who have experienced abuse, car accidents, fatal injuries, and more. Mine stems from sexual abuse over the use, by different men I have met in life.

This is when anxiety comes into play. I am a frightened young girl trapped in a woman's body. I appear to be 26, yet I cower like a child over anything. I will not be alone with a man I do not know, and I even cross the street when I see a man walking towards me. Do you call this strange? Or do you understand now?

I don't drive. I had many people tell me to learn and that I need to learn. I'm scared. I'm scared I will crash into something, or run over someone. I believe I will cause deaths. I don't work. I want to work. Do you believe me? I have been on interviews before, but I shake so much they never go right. Have you ever shook so much while on your own in public, you have to leave the room to breathe? The thought of going in front of even the smallest crowd of people freaks you out, so you avoid talking to them?

I went to a place called ABLE, which is a non-profit organization designed to help people with disabilities, such as myself. I attended their summer program EQUIP. Everyone was called into an office at the end of the program to record an interview of themselves. I refused. In high school, for a presentation-giving class, I got an F the first time because I didn't want to go up and talk to the class.

In a sense, my anxiety prevents me from taking risks - even helpful risks. I feel so helpless, even now.

Online I see posts directed towards people with Autism or Asperger's in a derogatory way. I've seen them say they'd get rid of the kid if they act a certain way because of their mental illness. I have a friend who has Autism. She gets picked on so many times, even by her friends. I look on and wish I could help her. She does not get treated, and I know she has great potential. She an amazing musician.

There are so many people out there who thinks we should even die. My father once mentioned that while watching a commercial. I... I hated him for it.

Should you disregard people with mental illness as useless? Should you shun us just because we do things differently than you? I may never learn how to drive, or end up working at real job, but does that mean I shouldn't be here?

I want to fight the negative stigma that surrounds us. I want people to know that we're people too, and that we're not crazy. We can be just as "normal" as you are - if that's what you think it is.

Trust me, no one is "normal", or else life would be dull.

I have a part in this world, just like you. Just give me, and us, a chance will you?

Dev Logs / Adventure/Escape Game-thingy Mockup!
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:25:12 PM »
Story & Concept
The player controls a young girl named Clover, a half-human musician. She ends up stranded in a dark forest crawling with terrible beasts and creatures called Sprites. Sprites are essentially "unbeatable" monsters in the game, unless you purify them first with music.

Gameplay & Mechanics
The game is very much adventure, with minor RPG elements. Clover carries a weapon, and can use it to attack monsters - except Sprites. She can also carry another item in her other hand, such as a lantern for example. She has an HP indicator (always shown on screen, except for cutscenes). I'm not sure if I want it to be a meter or picture based.

The HUD for the game looks like this in my head:

HP should actually read "Life", but I wasn't thinking.  The green bar represents her life, and the A and D are the items she has "equipped". A is the weapon and D is the supporting item.

The red meter is for  corruption. It means when she does not successfully purify Sprites, they will chase her. When they touch her the bar fills, and it may be represented by a percentage. When at certain percentages, Clover will obtain different effects like damage over time. At 100% she will be fully corrupted. It might be instant game over, but I don't know if that's a good idea. At this stage of corruption, if not game over, she will either go into "straight berserk/insanity" mode and just kill anything in her path, or she'll be "stunned" and hold her head, panicking.

I'm also thinking that if her instrument is equipped, pressing the appropriate button will bring up a ring menu that allows her to pick an ability/spell/skill. There will be no attributes present in the game (except Life, Corruption, and possibly Attack Power). Defeating monsters releases either coins and/or their essence - used for trading with merchants or something similar.

The Pause Menu
I don't have the whole layout in my head, but here's what I have so far:

I probably spent too long on this mockup. Also, every single graphic is a placeholder. The left side shows your current status - which makes sense to me.

The right side shows the "commands" available. Upon pushing the pause/menu button items are shown first. When selecting an item a sub-menu would pop-up with: "Use", "Sort", "Equip", and "Discard".  "E" and "F" are buttons you'd push to switch menus. Collectables are just things you find that you can trade to that merchant-like thing I mentioned above. Songs are the abilities Clover knows at the current time. The layouts would be exactly the same pretty much.

I also think I would add coins or essences at the bottom if I decide to make enemies drop that stuff. Maybe location and playtime as well.

Dealing With Sprites
As Clover explores her surroundings, she will eventually come across a Fairy Circle - or the like - of Sprites. If she gets too close without purifying them, they will spread out from the Circle and chase her down and will continue to do so until she either disposes them (with certain items in the support slot?), leaves the area, or some other means I haven't thought of.

However, it's possible for Clover to purify the Sprites by playing one of her songs used for doing so. It technically "soothes" them and makes them friendly. It's possible to talk with them afterward and maybe even help some through quests. They essentially become NPCs for Clover.

Closing Thoughts
This is what all I have thought of so far, so I haven't started work yet. There things I still have to think of eventually.

  • the songs Clover can learn
  • what weapon, or weapons, Clover can or will use
  • the exact story of the game - and possibly the background of the sprites
  • if I want puzzles, and if so, how I can make them up
  • what exactly monsters drop; coins, essences, or parts (ex. giant bee drops a stinger)
  • how to push myself to finish this

General Discussion / What's in a Name?
« on: March 03, 2014, 02:38:24 PM »
Hello, my name is Strawberrii, or Miss-Strawberrii. Back in the day I used to go by "Fuzzyredscarf" or "Illenia". Recently I went by Cherri-Blossom.

I'm at this point where I want to be more... unique with myself. I want to be found online because my writing or art. Or simply by accident, and then receive friends or followers that way. When you type any of those names in Google, you get generic images.

Right now my current online nickname isn't quite me. Sure it's cute -- and I DO like cute things -- but it's a little generic. I don't even like strawberries THAT much. I'm not going to as anyone to come up with a name for me. That's silly. At least I think so.

Here is the point of the thread:

1) If you can, and want to, try to describe my personality, likes, or hobbies using simple or single-words. You know! "Bob is loyal, rash, kind, hateful, and friendly!" Like that.

2) Why don't you share the origin of your online nickname? I would love to hear them! Not only that, it might spark some ideas for myself. Or inspiration.

This should be fun!

General Discussion / Multi-Player Gaming
« on: January 22, 2014, 06:47:14 PM »
Since we're all so close I thought we begin playing more games together. This thread will serve as a way to connect to others that have similar consoles and games together! Programs too! :P

I'll start with myself!

For the PC I have:
- - Heroes of Might and Magic III
- - Baldur's Gate

For the PS3 I have:
- - Mortal Kombat
- - Soul Calibur V
- - Final Fantasy XIV (paid subscription MMO)

For the Wii I have:
- - Supersmash Brothers Melee and Brawl (I think)

I have an XBOX 360, but I do not have gold. However I have the following games for it:
- - Left4Dead 1 and 2
- - Soul Calibur IV
- - Doom 1 & 2

I have a 3DS, but no multiplayer games yet!

I also have Steam, but it's not installed due to slowing down my netbook.

Now do yours!

Creative Works / Be Apart of Strawberrii's Novel!
« on: January 15, 2014, 12:25:42 PM »
It sounds exciting, doesn't it? :P

Anyhoo, what's going to happen here is that I'm going to post a story synopsis without spoilers and those are interested may create a character that can make an appearance - whether you want to be mentioned as an ancient this, or major importance person, or just a minor shopkeep!

Here's the story!

main characters
- - Clover [Female, Nyulkith/Human, Playwright]
- - Ashclaw [Male, Gal'aka, Expert Scholar]
- - Patrick's Character

undecided characters
- - Rethlin [Male, Human, Chemist/Adventurer]
- - Reik [Male, Nyulkith, Apprentice]

minor characters
- - Andora [Female, Nyulkith, Shopkeep * Clover's mother]
- - Aurora [Female, Nyulkith, Chef]
- - Bufkus [Male, Nyulkith, Unemployed]
- - Gorfus [Male, Gal'aka, Serial Killer]
- - Gwylan [Male, Nyulkith, Chronicler of Muirel]
- - Jasper [Male, Human, Sage]
- - Lylah [Female, Nyulkith/Human, Blacksmith]
- - Muirel [Female, Nyulkith, Navigator]
- - Revna [Female, Gal'aka/Human, Scholar]
- - Zenodote [Male, Human, Innkeep, Writer]

There once was a single star in a vast sea of darkness. As her brothers and sisters lived so very far away, she harbored intense anger inside her core. Yet more than anything, she was lonely, and thus she longed to have companionship.

As stars are composed purely of ellor, they are capable of utilizing extraordinary power. Thus, in nearly a flash, the world of Aestora was created. A medium-sized planet it is, with only a few lands spread across its large, plentiful oceans. As companionship was her primary goal, the star made humans to love her.

However, the star was naïve, and she often wondered why the very humans she created never acknowledged her presence – not even once. Frustrated, she once again used her power to produce dragons to destroy them, hoping to start anew. But, the humans had amassed ways to defeat her dragons using their keen intellect.

Soon, only one dragon remained, lying fatally wounded at the tip of a mountain and it would not be long before he joined his brothers. Full of despair, the star projected herself onto Aestora as a humanlike being, and attempted to heal him. It did not take for the star and the dragon to fall in love. After consummated their relationship, the dragonic Gal’aka were born and each with the knowledge of their mystical mother.

Despite the inevitable death of the dragon, the star was finally happy as her children loved her. As she left Aestora to overlook her creations in the skies, she left the humans alone and made other various creatures – the Nyulkith to protect the lands, and animals to accompany them.

Still, she continued to hold onto the resentment of the siblings that were so far from her and quickly her power began to fade. As the star became more weakened, the negative ellor within began to corrupt her. She was changing. Fearing for herself and the wellbeing of Aestora, the star once more descended onto the world below.

She slept where her bliss had found her…

- - -

The basic idea of the plot is of the major characters searching for a way to remove or destroy the darkness that has overtaken the star. The only way to do so is to perhaps awaken the sleeping maiden atop the mountain where she once was when the last dragon was alive.

- - -

Magic is created from the ellor flowing through the air, which is similar to the idea of “mana”. The Gal’aka have the highest chance to use magic due to being directly related to the star – who is known as a goddess on Aestora. Other races are capable as well, though their means may be different.

- - -

Here is a character sheet! :D

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Type (major, minor, mentioned, historical, etc.):[/b]



[b]Combat Notes (if needed):[/b]


The Nyulkith look a lot like this:

The Gal'aka look a lot like this:

Well, that's it!

...for now! :)

General Discussion / NaNo and Strawberrii
« on: October 24, 2013, 12:01:30 PM »
Hai! I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year! In case you don't know what that means, it's "National Novel Writing Month". Starting November 1st to the end of the month, you write 50,000 words of whatever book you want to! Maybe you guys can cheer me on (I've never finished a book before)? I want to reach the goal of finishing something for once. ^^

(I haven't started writing, but the excerpt came from a scene that was in my head).

Here is what I'm writing:

Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure

Tavern-bard Aelina Rowan is one of the many daughters of the infamous Necromancer, Midlyn. Residing on an island where the snow never seems to stop falling with her best friend, Aelina has been keeping a horrible secret that she thought no one would ever find out about - until the the local king has his soldiers arrest her for the illegal use of Necromancy. He offers Aelina a choice: prove herself worthy of the Divines as a Stonesinger or waste the rest of her life away in a castle dungeon.

Narie noticed Aelina's vibrant eyes looking downward. She sighed and shook her head in frustration.

"Gods, don't tell me you're into that. My face is further up," Narie said.

Aelina pointed one of her slender fingers at Narie's neck where a glimmering tear-shaped orange jewel lay, attached to a dark leather choker.

"Is that necrophyte?" Aelina asked.

She was still focused on the gemstone as she reached out to grasp the jewel in her hand. The dark color of orange contrasted greatly against Aelina's icy-white skin, a sight that made even Narie awestruck with beauty. Suddenly, in a fit of anger, Narie smacked Aelina's hand away from her and jumped backwards. She placed her hands on her hips and furrowed her brow.

"I did not give you --" Narie interrupted herself as the word necrophyte echoed into her ears. "Wait, what do you mean, necrophyte? This is a ghost shard."

Aelina nodded. "Same thing, really! My father used to mention necropyte in his work a lot, frequently referring to them as mystical gemstones created from a dead person's soul."

"No offense, but from what I know of your dad... He's greatly twisted." Narie shivered in disgust.

P.S. The cover will probably change, since the picture was taken from the internet and I feel bad. :(

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