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Introductions & Farewells / Hello Everyone!
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:16:58 PM »
Hello, I am Leaftune44.
I saw the tweet on twitter about the game jam, I am not a 100% sure if I would be able to complete something next month, but... I'll never know unless I try.  :umbrella:

As for a little bit about me;
I have several hobbies, such as composing, programming, drawing, and writing; Oh, and of course I also enjoy reading and playing video games.  :)

Some of my favorite games are the Legend of Zelda series (especially Wind Waker), the Professor Layton series (especially Diabolical Box, Unwound Future, and Last Specter), Chrono Trigger, Kirby's Adventure, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing (Super looking forward to the upcoming game), and too many more to mention in one post. XD

On a side note, I really enjoyed Rakuen, so seeing Leebles everywhere here is absolutely wonderful.  :)

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