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General Discussion / Indie Game Music Bundle 3 (Includes PvZ music)
« on: May 28, 2012, 02:03:50 PM »
At, they have soundtracks from indie games such as Plants vs Zombies, Terraria, Fastfall, ilomilo, and Frozen Synapse available for whatever price you want to pay for it for Indie Game Music Bundle 3.  And then you can get a bunch more if you pay $10 or more.

Hi, I'm dean.  My biggest passion is video games, next to that is computer related stuff like programming (java mainly lately, but I used to be really into c++ and javascript, css, and html), computer graphics, and YouTube.

I love the plants vs. zombies music, and as for how I came here, I was watching the latest let's play video of plants vs. zombies on NintendoCaprisun's youtube channel today, and a top rated comment mentioned the supershigi youtube channel saying that the person who did the music for plants vs zombies has herself playing songs from the game on her channel. I checked it out, saw the contest, saw this forum, and here I am!

From what I've seen so far, the Melolune game looks good, and look forward to seeing more.  I have an idea for the art contest that I want to try.  The idea looks good in my head, but weather it will look good or not when I try to create it is questionable since I'm not talented at art (my computer graphics hobby is mainly doing simple stuff), but I'm hoping if I put enough work into it, it will turn out ok.

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