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Articles / Thought this article was cool.
« on: April 20, 2015, 08:47:06 PM »
I have a subscription to Gameinformer magazine so that I can keep up on the latest games and things going on (sometimes to no avail, lol.  :ld:) I read this article and thought it was a fun read. Basic synopsis is gamers and the way WE impact games with how we behave. I like that he isn't necessarily leaving it up JUST to developers to take care of these issues, but wants to make the point that we, as gamers, can make the choice to make a game a positive or negative experience. He refers to our relationship with these games, as us "inhabiting" them. I suppose I never really looked at it that way. A game can be a home and a place that we choose to spend our time, not just because of the game, but because of the impact of the community. I think it was very well stated in this article. I couldn't find it online, so I'll type it out here for you, but feel free to leave your comments and thoughts after reading. :thumbup:

Developers Create The Worlds, But We Live In Them
An article written by Andy McNamara (Editor-in-chief at Gameinformer)

"I get it. Being mean on the internet is fun. People do it for the 'lulz.' The problem is, it isn't making life better, or in many cases making the game better. Games today are more than just their 1s and 0s. The people who play them are now an integral part in the experience.

Communities are now, more than ever, determining the staying power of a game. Yes, game developers need to make a great game. And yes, developers need to create tools so the community can police those that take enjoyment from spoiling the experience or degrading others in games. Even when all the checkboxes are in place from a developer standpoint, we, the players, still are responsible for making these worlds inhabitable.

Seeing players abuse one another in games is the thing that disappoints me most about this entertainment medium. I see it day after day in a range of activities - player after player just wants to AFK his or her way to victory, or people in chat rooms discourage others due to their race or sexual orientation. I want to believe gamers are the best of the best, but I encounter these poor behaviors far more than I care to admit.

Being awful in a game is bad enough, but the quest to find joy in the pain of others has led to real-world despicable behavior including denial of service attacks, 'swatting' (where the lowest of the low send SWAT teams after players), bomb threats, the harassment of players with threats of bodily harm (a problem women in games in particular are facing far too often), and erasing another player's hard-earned content.

Games are a place and a time. We need to treat people like we would like to be treated. Awful people certainly exist in this world, but in games people use the shield of anonymity to do things they simply wouldn't do to people face to face. Yes, it is a problem all across the web, but I can turn off Twitter. I can ignore the comments on YouTube. But when you come into my games and make the world a horrible place, you are hitting me where I live. That simply isn't acceptable. Grow up, and let's make our game worlds places we all want to be.


Andy "

General Discussion / Why did you join this forum?
« on: February 18, 2015, 06:57:07 PM »
Hey all!

Pokublabs here with a not-so quick question, but a very short question: why did you join this forum?

Quick update: I thought maybe a video would be faster for some of you and easier to listen to than reading a big clump on text, so I made a reiteration of the text in this video. Plus, you get to hear some pokuvoice. :thumbup:
Poku Thread

Ever since the new year started, I've been pushing myself to make positive changes in my life and challenging myself out of my comfort zone. Naturally, I started to think back to the past year and what I could do better, as well as thinking back to the good memories and proud moments. I stay up pretty late, so I have a lot of time to think while i'm doing homework or just not tired. My mind wandered to this question, why did I join this forum? Why this forum? Why did I choose to stay? What prompted me to make this choice and why do I choose to participate in this forum on a regular basis?

Now, I'm not saying that you all have to type out all of your stories if you don't want to, but I think it's a question worth asking yourself; your future self may be glad you did ask yourself this question. I'm naturally curious as to why people do the things that they do or why they make the choices that they make. If you're curious too, pull up a nice cup of hot tea (or boba or coffee or water or soda or kool-aid or monster or whatever it is you love to drink) and curl up in your blanket and i'm sure for those who want to post here, there will be much to listen to, learn from, and empathize with while we're all on this journey. There are a lot of you new members out there and a lot of us seasoned ones still here, so i'm posting this in hopes to bridge some gaps or bring one another closer together as a community. I think the best way to get to know another person is to listen to them without the intent to reply; there is so much power in just listening to who someone is. People often tell you who they are in the stories that they tell and I for one intend to learn much about all of you, if you'll invite me to.

I'll go ahead and start this off. I'm a talkative one, so only read this if you're up for the endeavor. :thumbup: I'll still put in a spoiler though so there isn't a brick wall of text standing in your way. Also, if any of you just want to talk for friendly conversation, feel free to shoot me a message or ask if the forum can have an IRC chat and I'll respond as quickly as I'm able to. We're always looking for ways to reach out to everyone, so remember that you can provide ideas and ways for us to do that too. ;) Thanks and if you've made it this far, you're quite the boss.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Why did I join this forum? That answer is both simple and complex. Simply, I first joined because of Laura Shigihara, like most of us. :D I used to follow her on youtube pretty consistently. I was always SO stoked to see new videos she put up. I thought to myself, "She is just so into what she's doing, it makes me want to support her." I found out later that there was a forum that she had. Not by looking for it, but I just sort of found my way here through a google search or something. Idk what I was really expecting. "What if Laura actually talked to me in this forum? I wonder if she even frequents the forum? I wonder what the people there are like?" These are the questions I was asking myself. I reasoned with myself, "It couldn't hurt to try and sign-up and see what happens." In a few weeks time, my request to sign-up went through and I was a new member. "Man, what do I say? I know I have to write an intro thread, but what do I even put in there?" As I posted my #1 post here, I was shocked to see that THE supershigi had responded to my post. "WHAT? TO ME? SHE READS THIS STUFF? Who am I to be given this privilege?"

I know you're thinking, "Pokufan, you're fangirling hard." Haha, at the time, I totes was. I eagerly read her post along with small and crimmy's welcome. After that, I was motivated to see what the community was like. Some of these cool people posting all these cool things with their cool words and cool signatures. Who are all you cool people?! I started meeting some of you one by one through various threads and I thought, "Hmm, the last forum I was in wasn't like this at all. Most forums are elitist and it doesn't seem like there's a strong sense of community." Well, I started to feel that this place was different. I believe that's why I chose to stick around. I've had a lot of loss in my life, as far as frequent change of friendships go; either my friends at the time would push me out or I would have to walk away from people. I always really wanted consistency and a place to call home, but that seemed to be nowhere in sight. In almost an unnoticeable way, this place became a home for me. I didn't know that what I was looking for in my personal life would be found on an internet forum. I just kept putting my front foot forward here, hoping that I could somehow be a part of someone's...really anyone's life here.

This community offered me what I was looking for. I didn't have to barge my way in or pretend to be someone that I wasn't or try to please anyone to foster and retain a friendship. I was accepted and appreciated here for who I was. There was a very genuine atmosphere in people taking an interest in each other's lives. Whether it was a congratulations for an accomplishment, a hurt that needed an ear to listen, or a conversation that just needed another person to reply, it was all here. I hope you can fully appreciate and grasp that this community is unlike any other community. I had to learn that not all people were going to use me for my talents or favors, that some people can be trusted, and that you can find something special in a community that you choose to put your effort into. There are so many people here that I consider close friends, that extend beyond just this forum. We learn together, we strive to be better together, we uplift one another and even hold up those that are having hard times together.

That said, the long answer is found in this whole story of mine. The answer being that the reason I joined this forum started off as a simple way to say hi to someone that I considered to be a superstar, but it quickly and radically changed to something more profound. It changed to being part of a community, to sharing good times and bad times with the people involved here, to having somewhere to belong, and to care about others in an honest and genuine way. This is the reason I joined the forum and it is the reason that I am still a part of this forum and a part of the lives' of others that have made an impact here.

In a way, this is my way of reaching out to all of you to say, "Take pride and joy in this community." Not everyone gets to experience the kind of friendships that are being fostered here on a daily basis. If you're not so active right now or are really busy, I encourage you to speak up and update us every now and again, so we can be part of your good times and bad times; though, I understand there's not always enough time in a day. If you're pretty active, know that by updating us and keeping in touch with us, you're continuing to add to a great community where others can find what they are looking for.

That said, I'll conclude. This may have been a bit much to read and maybe you did or didn't make it this far, but you matter to this community.

Pokuthought over and out.

Announcements and Rules / 0 Post Members Removal - Please Read
« on: February 05, 2015, 11:22:27 PM »
Hello All!

Pokusan here to let you know that being only 1 month into the new year, we have some forum stuff to take care of. With that, we're going to clean up the member list of "0 posters." Which basically means that for members that are currently in our member list that have never logged on or have 0 posts at the forum will be removed. It's sort of a "spring-cleaning" for us so we can stay on top of things, accept new members in a swift manner, have much more time to get to know all you new members and stay more closely connected with our current members. :hug:

If you fall under the category of "0 posts" or "last online: never," make sure to post in this thread by the end of February on Feb 28. I'll also be sending out a message soon with the same information, but with a link to this thread when I get a chance. It'll direct straight to this page, so please post here also if you get a message. I'd love to reply to every message, but if there are a ton of members messaging me, it might take longer for me to get back to every person and i'd love to be able to get back to you in a timely manner.

Thanks for your time. ;)

Important Stuff:
Time to post by: February 28, 2015
If you get a message: please post in this thread
Community: much love  <3

Contests and Events / Come to the First IRC Chat of 2015!
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:56:27 PM »
Your friendly neighborhood pokuman here! I'm here to let you know that next week on Wednesday, Feb 4 @ 1pm PST, we will be having a forum get together in the IRC chat to talk about all things whimsical, serious, obscure, and hilarious...maybe other things too, you never know. I can guarantee, however, that if you come to the chat, YOU WILL KNOW. You might say that you will be ALL KNOWING or even KNOWLEDGEABLE. Those are all pretty awesome things, I think. So don't miss out!

All we ask is that when you sign into the IRC chat, make sure to sign-in with your forum name. To keep the same atmosphere and keep our members comfortable, we kindly ask that of you, please and thank you!

So to reiterate the important info for your convenience:

Date: February 4, 2015
Day: Wednesday
Time: 1pm PST (GMT-8:00)
Condition: Sign in with your forum username
Additional Notes: Become all knowing.

Here is a link for time zones that makes it easy to convert the time:
Our time is most closely linked to California - Either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Either one you want to choose.
Can't wait to see you there!

I was originally not going to post this article, but I was wondering what some of you think? The link is below. It's an article that was written about announcements from E3.

The part I wanted to get your guy/gals' thoughts on was that a bit below the first 2 paragraphs, there is an article concerning Assassin's Creed and controversy it's stirred about women in the gaming industry and women in games. I don't think it's well written, seeing as they said that Nintendo is releasing a playstation, lol. That's a whole different issue, but yeah. It's just interesting how it was worded, whether it was biased or not, i'm not sure.

It's interesting that, I believe it said, the development team wanted female assassins in the game, but that it was ultimately decided that "it would provide the best to experience" to not have them in the game and that it's "just a reality of game development." It was later meant to have been justified by saying that the American Revolution was the history of men and not of women.

I guess to me, it strikes a wrong chord that because "it is double the work" to create female customizable assassins as well as males, that it was ruled out as not an option. Assassin's creed is a pretty popular and successful franchise. If they think it's too much work, what does it say about them that other game companies that offer both male and female characters or customizations within games with less of a budget or not as much of a fan base? I think about games like Batman: Arkham City, in this case where after you have finished the game and gotten certain trophies, you unlock new costumes and can also play Harley Quinn's side story as well as play through Catwoman's story again. It was so multi-faceted and if they can pull it off, why shouldn't a big company like Ubisoft be able to put the time into it?

Having said all that, I obviously am not a game dev or in the gaming industry or handling the budgets or time and workload, but I guess it's interesting that they are taking the stance, "this is just the way it is." Nothing ever changes that way. I wanted to see some of your guys' perspectives on this. I know you all put a ton of work into your games and from that perspective, I can understand their decision in a way. I guess i'd just like to see this through everyone else's eyes and not just my own.

Contests and Events / Acronym Contest!
« on: June 15, 2014, 12:20:33 PM »
Hey all!

This game is extremely simple and the winner (chosen on June 22) will receive a prize from me, which will be determined based on the winner and their preferences. With that, let's get into it!

I will be posting 10 sequences of letters that you will then make into acronyms. If you're not sure what an acronym is, i'll give an example:

POKUSAN = Poke Others Kindly Uncontrollably So All Nap

Make them funny, make them a story, make them true, make them silly, make them politically correct or whatever you want to do, but DO make them appropriate. We have all ages at the forum, so please keep that in mind. Out of the 10 letter sequences, you may submit your acronym for 2 of them, so choose carefully and think over your answers. Post your answers in this thread and you're all set! On June 22, I will compile all the answers from you guys/gals and the Shigi Staff and I will choose the winner and post the results here that same week. Also, shigi staff, please submit answers if you'd like also. Anyone can win this. ^_^
Questions? Concerns? PM me and I can further clarify.

Ready? Acro!


2. PIW





7. TM


<--2 Video Game Char. acronyms for fun -->



In-Game Discussions / Poku's thoughts
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:50:11 PM »
Supershigi, wonderful work on the game! I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I wanted to let you know how I felt about playing your game and what things stood out the most to me. Kids, there are spoilers running amuck, so only click on the spoiler tab if you are super curious as to what i'm going to say. Without further ado...

Spoiler for Hiden:
The music is so fantastic in the game that I almost want to play through it again just to listen to it all. I just bought your Melolune Digital Album just now. :) What I wanted to point out here is that I definitely heard influences from Chrono Cross in there. I wanted to point out that the battle theme, "Sweet Unlucky" sounds remarkably like the same style used for the CC Battle theme, but has it's own unique flare to it. Leeble Village's song is so relaxing. To be honest, I stayed in Leeble Village as long as I could because the music is so fitting and pleasant. It really feels like a safe haven and the music definitely expresses a pure place, so good job on all of the music. You're really very talented and I appreciate how you put so much emotion in to your music. It definitely shows.

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that I didn't want to leave Leeble Village. I really liked the addition of sun rays in the village, it gives the place such a warm feeling and adds so much to the place. Leeble Village itself is very beautiful, but that was one thing I noticed as soon as I entered. I got goosebumps seeing the village for the first time, hehe. The other place that I would like to bring attention to is the Melon Cave as Achaius is poisoned. The cave is absolutely beautiful and totally magical! I noticed how big it was compared to the other areas, and so I imagined that this might be one of your favorite places also or that it shows that you put a LOT of time into creating this place. Whatever the reason, it became one of my favorite places because of the music in it and because it's very beautiful. Debonet also reminded me of Termina from Chrono Cross, so that was pretty cool. :thumbup: Every place you designed holds a special place in my heart for a different reason.

Alright, last few notes I have for you! I love that your characters are relatable! I think what gives a special meaning to a character in your heart is knowing how they feel. Dominic wanted a fresh start and wanted to leave the Ciro Order. I know that for so long, I've wanted a fresh start and for the longest time, I didn't think it existed. It took me a little while to understand that we are only captive to our own choices and that a fresh start is sometimes making a daily decision to better yourself or change habits/choices over time. In a similar way, I think it's cool that Achaius and Aero are trying to find who they are because again, it's hard to find your own place in this world. I've wondered where my home is for a long time and I've wondered who I am for a long time, but i'm making decisions in my every day life now that are starting to shape that. Thank you for everyone's stories of their life in the game! I wish I could comment on every character and everything I love about them, but I'd be talking forever, haha. The zombie king is pretty great too. ^_^

Last note: Going back to the melon cave, I think it was made better by the fact that I felt in a hurry to cure Achaius. I was scrambling through the cave, trying to find where I needed to go, but it seemed there was no end to it! I think that's the feeling a cave would give you in general, but even more so if such an event were to happen. I thought it was really cool how whether you intentionally tried to give that feeling through that event or whether it's a weird side effect of my attachment to the characters, that a good game does make you feel empathetic to the events in the characters' lives and you can fully immerse yourself in the game. One other event that I wanted to end on was Atelo. Now, I normally check out environments fully before finding the side quests, so I saw Atelo's grave at the top of Basho and I wondered about it. As I was doing the quest, I was a bit oblivious to the fact that I was gathering these ingredients/supplies for a mother celebrating her deceased son's birthday and as she reveals his name, my jaw actually dropped open! I began to think about this lady losing her son, but still celebrating his birthday and "thinking of him how he used to be." It was a touching moment and also a very shocking moment to me in the game. I think it was a very notable side quest, because not everyone has a cinderella story, bad things happen sometimes. It made me think that we should be willing to help others when they need it, because you never know what happened in their life and what horrors/traumas they have gone through. I think the character Zidane in Final Fantasy IX said it best...

Anyways, I know you're working very hard on Rakuen and are extremely busy, so I just wanted to tell you from the heart that I very much appreciate that you took the time to read this. I know time is really valuable to you, but I felt that this is just one thing I could do to really convey how much I enjoyed playing Melolune. I know Melolune is special to you, so thank you for putting so much time into making it. You're a great person, Laura! Have a good rest of the day/night (whenever you read this.)

General Discussion / Opinions on the Wii U / Need your help.
« on: March 01, 2014, 04:19:15 PM »
I don't know if any of you own a Wii U, but if you do, what do you like or not like about it? Is it worth getting, do you think? I need your opinions on this current situation of mine.

Gamestop currently has a deal going on where if you trade in a qualifying system (in this case, my old Wii) towards the purchase of a Wii U or other system, you get 50% more in-store credit on the system and 30% more trade-in on qualifying games. I'm a Power Up Rewards Pro Member so I get another 10% in-store credit onto that as well.

I was looking at buying a refurbished Wii U because it's only $199.99, but I've never been one to buy refurbished systems or pre-owned games. In comparison, (on the website) the Zelda bundle pack with a NEW Wii U is $299.99. Here's what the list/price looks like for me if I was to buy a Wii U.

My trade-in value
Wii: $52
Mart Kart Wii: $21
Mario Party 8: $21
Super Mario Bros. Wii: $16.80
Super Mario Galaxy: $11.20

Towards a NEW Wii U.

Towards a refurbished Wii U:

Not sure if I will use the Wii U system a TON, but if I can get a console for just about $90 (after taxes applied), why not, right? Should I do it?

Creative Works / Poku's Things, Stuff, Whatsits and Junk.
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:44:05 PM »
I figured instead of making a bunch of new threads whenever I post something I want to share, I'm just going to have my thread and it'll be updated whenever. Recently, I decided to make Hirei a present since she was so kind as to help me out with a few things. So I made her this bracelet:

I believe all of it is cotton, but one may have some synthetic cotton in it. Either way, the colors are based on a campaign she is doing and the colors were similar to black, blue, and silver (that thread was the closest I could find to silver). It was fun making it and hope you guys like it. ^_^

General Discussion / PR Ideas?
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:42:08 PM »
*moved thread from wrong location*

Hey guys! Recently, I got a sort of "promotion" at work, in that I have a defined role within the company to take over a specific department. I am becoming the Manager of Volunteer Services and so I was asked to start thinking of ways to be more in contact with the public, since this role has never been given at our Non-Profit before. I mean, obviously some of it would involve social media, but for example:

We're going to try to establish a meaningful connection with people on their birthdays or special events by sending them a card from us or a gift basket of sorts.

I feel extremely fortunate to be in a place where there are so many of you that have good advice and good guidance in a lot of different areas. What do you guys think? I can elaborate more on the specifics if need be, but I want to know if you guys have any ideas? Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks ^_^

General Discussion / Happy Birthday, Kevin!
« on: January 07, 2014, 02:54:54 PM »
 :balloon: Happy Happy Birthday, Kevin/RyujiRakkan!  :balloon:

I had to do this video on my break from work, so I didn't have much time, but thanks for adding to the forum and being a really cool guy! I appreciate your input and also your guitar work! Posting that video you did awhile back must have been nerve-wrecking, but you're really good man. I hope that you have a very wonderful birthday! Tell us what you did for your birthday when you get a chance!

I just have a birthday question for you and for anyone else who wants to answer as well. Let's give each other some wisdom to live by.  :thumbup:

1. What is/are a wise piece(s) of advice that has helped grow you to who you are today?

Enjoy the video, cause I felt ridiculous. haha.

Happy Birthday, KJ!

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Astragoth!
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:14:59 PM »
 :balloon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASTRA!  :balloon:

You're such a cool fella! I'm so glad to have been able to meet you on the forum, even if you get a little crazy sometimes. The guild always seems a little less bright without you, if you're not on WoW. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that you have made a big impact on all of us and I'm always impressed by your vast knowledge of WoW. I think one of my favorite memories of Astra is actually fairly recent, for those who attended the Guild Event night planned out by Stormey, Asra didn't look at his role or anything and just made a new human alliance toon and ended up picking some random name. When we got in game, we were all exchanging names so we could communicate if we needed to during the event. We got to Astra and realized he was a Female Priestess and Laura kept saying, "I keep forgetting you're a woman," as Astra runs after Joe attacking him. lol. You're so much fun, dude. I look forward to more good times with you!

Creative Works / Knife Project
« on: November 30, 2013, 07:33:07 PM »
I know a lot of you have been hearing me talk about how I've been working on making knives for awhile, so I thought that I'd post them here, in case you were wondering what I was talking about or how they would come out. We sent out for the blades to be made (though I wish I was a blacksmith), but the handles and the etching were our handy work. It wasn't easy to find the time or make it work, but it was a good little project. I'll put them in this spoiler to eliminate taking up too much space.
Spoiler for Hiden:

For those of you that may not be able to see the etching too well, our band name is "The Coyote Bandits."

General Discussion / 3DS Buddies!
« on: November 24, 2013, 10:31:26 AM »
I just got myself a nifty little 3DS! I'd been wanting one for awhile, but never really felt super motivated to buy one until A Link Between Worlds came out with the Triforce 3DS. Anyways, does anyone want to be friends and send some drawings from time to time via Swapnote or etc? Let's be friends!

My friend code is:

1006 - 0009 - 4761


Stuff from You / Rakuen - Poku's Original Song
« on: November 01, 2013, 01:29:57 AM »
I'm still a bit shy to share this, as I really don't sing that well, but I'm just trying to get over the shyness and whatever. Just a note, turn your sound up. ^_^ But I WOULD like to say that after reading the synopsis of Rakuen, I was really inspired. I wrote this song. It's not amazing, professional, or even good quality, but I had a lot of fun making this song and I hope that people will come by it on Youtube or wherever and check out Laura's channel and Rakuen.

Anyways, without further ado, Rakuen:

Rakuen - Original Song

lyrics, which you may need them:

Verse 1
A far off place, not like you've seen.
Warm to the touch, so heavenly.

But here I lie, mom's by my side.
still, I hope to reach the sky.

And I won't rest until you're well.
Your feeble hands revive and you'll be empowered again.
No, you can't see, no you can't speak;
No one will ever hear your words 'til we try to hear.

Verse 2
There's a man in so much pain.
Can't leave his bed and his wife is sad.

There's a girl who needs a friend.
Didn't get a chance to make amends.

I'll leave my room and stand by them.
What can I do, but listen to them?


There's a garden out there,
Somewhere where we can walk in peace.
There's an island up there,
A place that we can call our home;
My Rakuen

Chorus 2
And I won't rest until you're well,
Your feeble hands revive and you'll be empowered again.
Please take my hand and come with me;
We'll write down all of our stories with those we've come to love.

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