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General Discussion / Academics and Careers
« on: June 04, 2011, 04:57:59 AM »
For those in college, what degree are you currently pursuing in college and what career plans do you have once you've graduated? If you've already graduated feel free to share as well. I ask because I (and probably some other fresh graduates) will be entering a new stage in their lives and I for one would like to pursue my dreams. I also became curious of what you would like to become.

Allow me to begin.

I am now an undergraduate English Language Studies major and I am to pursue for my AB English degree in four years. After graduating, I will be taking up education units for me to be eligible to take the teachers' licensure exams. I also plan to continue my academics on a Masteral track on English Language and Literature and then move on for a PhD track focusing on either Literature, Linguistics or anything that is related to my undergraduate degree. I might do post-grad studies in other countries.

In my sophomore year, I'll be taking up one of the National Service Training Programs (requirement for graduation) in the uni, namely the Literacy Training Service in which I will be a part in providing non-formal education to those outside the metro. I will also be applying a part-time job as a tutor (preferably in English) and will also be taking the Sub-Professional Civil Service Exams.

I have many aspirations for my career, mainly to become an educator in either a High School or in college. I also plan to continue my writing hobbies and drown myself in the media.

How about you?  :D

Creative Works / Stardale's Portfolio
« on: May 10, 2011, 11:04:53 AM »
This portfolio will showcase everything artistic or literary that belongs to me. =D

Here are some of my own photos I took with my digital camera. Most of these pictures had a good view while some were not meant to be taken but the outcome was either something abstract or a nice one.  :thumbup:

An Overview of Burnham Park (Baguio City, PH)

Twin Sunflowers!

Flowers at Noon!

Vaughan City, Canada and Baguio City, Ph International Ties

The Tired Sunflower
^Poor thing! Must be tired being eaten by the zombies. lol

Pinecone Left Alone
^This gave me an idea for suggesting a new plant in the next PvZ!!

Love (and Hope) for the Flowers

Live Scarecrow (Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon)

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset... (Sunset at SM Mall of Asia)

One of the Chocolate Hills

More Chocolate Hills

The Sea and more of it!

A nice view but it's hard to get to that point because of the steep stairs

A Green Field (taken while playing with my camera on a field trip)

Going to the Past?
^ This was taken while we were on the road. I was supposed to get a good shot of Mayon Volcano but the bus was too fast. When I saw the outcome, I thought of it to be abstract. XD

More will come soon! The first page will be updated for easy reference. :)

Introductions & Farewells / Introduction!
« on: March 30, 2011, 09:51:17 AM »
Hmmm.... hi there.

I'm basically a fresh High School graduate (since I did graduate from HS yesterday) and I'm about to take up AB English Language Studies when I step in college. In my free time, I write literary works, watch movies, play games or do a heck of research. Oh, and I also role play (occasionally).

By the way, I'm Stardale wherever you go, whenever you go. :)

Can speak/write: English, Filipino, Korean (Hangul), Mandarin Chinese, basic French and basic Nihongo. :)

I played the Melolune demo again last Saturday (which is the 5th time ever since Reives introduced it to us in the Freebird Community), and what really captured me most was the music and the characters. I tried to search if there were any updates on the game, thus leading me to the forums. :) Oh yeah, my baby cousin loved the song "Zombies on your Lawn"!

I think I should go to sleep now...  zzz

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