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Dev Logs / [Leeble Game Jam 2018] Angela's Blind Smile
« on: March 31, 2018, 09:07:00 PM »

Angela's blind smile.

                                                    2018(L) Marbleen Hyperware Red Studios
                                                    By Enzo Barbaguelatta - EN.I
                                                    Made for Leeble Game Jam 2018

Concept/idea/coding/audio           : Enzo Barbaguelatta (EN.I)
Version                                           : v1.0 (Leeble Game Jam 2018)
Platform                                          : PC-Windows (x86)
Package size                                    : 30.0 MB (uncompressed)
Language                                        : English
Genre                                             : Interactive text novel.
Duration                                         : 1 - 1 1/2 hrs.
Engine                                            : cuentoScript (own-developed engine for the game, using NodeJS/C/C++, BASS.dll)

This game makes intensive use of internet. A stable connection is required to play.

->If you run this game and there's no text-to-speech audio since difficulty selection, restart the game.
->In windows 7 (and maybe XP) machines, title screen and some other ASCII art are not rendering correctly. But the game is still playable.


A text-interactive-novel based game, made for Leeble Game Jam 2018, by the Leeble Forest
community (; using the theme "Love and Hate", with "SPIDERS!"
as optional sub-theme. This game tells the history of Charles, a young blind person fallen
in love with Angela, a girl that lives in the country of Atwaya. After many problems with
his family, he decides to throw it all, leave his home country, Gondinia to reach Atwaya
to be close from Angela. But he didn't take any precautions for reach a new, unknown and
even hostile place, when almost everyone speaks another language! You must help Charles
handle with all those problems for make him reunite with Angela.

Technically speaking, when Charles talks with foreginers, the original dialogue translates
automatically into random different languages, obfuscating it and make a similar feeling
when you try to understand other languages in real life. Also, that makes generate dialogues
unique one each other, so each execution of this history is relative unique somehow.


This game is 100% text based, so you will navigate in the story with your keyboard.

*   The game tells you a history in screen, but also in voice (Text-to-speech based),
    accompanied by envorimental sound effects and ocassional background music.

*   When the game makes you select an option, you must be press the number of the option
    you want, following the ENTER button to confirm it.

*   In sandbox mode, you can type the dialog you want, followed by ENTER button. Then
    after some seconds you will recieve the Atwayan (ofuscated) version of the word
    you typed.


    Keyboard numbers: Select an option.
    ENTER: Confirm button.


*   If for some reason, the game fails, when you start the game, after select the difficulty
    level, the game makes you select between start the game (1) or enter into sandbox mode
    (2). However, there's a hidden option (3), that allows you to skip chapters in the
    game. Is useful if you don't want to start the whole game again, or, if you left
    the history in the half of it, and you want to continue it.

*   If you are stuck in the train scene, I can give you the solution of that part, to sell
    all the Mega9 snacks: First time: 2nd option; Second time: 4th option; Third time:
    3rd option; Fourth time: 6th option. Thank me later.


Yeah, there's some just a bunch of hours left to delploy this game and give it to Shigi; also
for making a post in the forums; but yes, I will give some time to leave a words about
what this game was made.

When the theme "Love and hate" with "SPIDERS!" as optional subtheme appears, my mind litteraly
exploded. Man, what can I do with a topic that is so complex and subjective. I think days
and days what can I do, and after some time, I came with a really strange idea, about
TV shows and latinamerican telenovelas. You can read a little about it here:

The idea tecnically speaking was consisted in a some sort of multiplayer TV show, where
lots of couples fights in real time playing as a spider trying to not be killed... all
of that inside a TV show, using a real-time physics system. The issue was that idea was
a little forced with the jam's topic; also that the execution of that game was so hard.
I started developing technical demos with relative success until March 15th appears. It's
already half of the month, and I have ZERO game progress. So as a point of no return, I
forcibly cancelled that game idea, and thinked in a Plan B. I was just 15 days left, rather
than 30 that the jam's original duration.

So, after thinking a while, I came with the idea of express love and hate with some problems
present in society in these current days: Foregineers inmigration, xenophobia, misunderstanding.
In those topics, love and hate are SO present, so I've decided to tell a history.

As I already say in this post, I developed a ofuscation system that takes a dialogue,
it translates into 5 or 7 different random languages and then translate back into english
to make it "unreadable/ofuscated", but not completely. This system in the game makes
a similar effect when some foregineer tries to speak you, and you only understands a
very little of it (then by that you try to make decisions with that sentence). If I want
to make feel a similar experience when people talks with Charles, I must include it in
this history. That's done with Google-Translate online API.

Yeah, also if you didn't understand much language, you can see another things, specially
the envoriment for trying to understand what's going on. So, seeking the litle time I
had to develop the game, follow this idea in mind, I decided to no include any graphics
in the game and present it as a text-only game, focusing more in the dialogues, and,
of course: the audio. For make the history more interesting and less boring, I used
also the Text-To-Speech API from Google, that works like a  storyteller. ^^

So, with all those constraints in mind, I choose NodeJS as my programming weapon
(Is basically Javascript, but without the web browser). In that I developed an story-telling
engine that I called cuentoScript: A basic scripting system for writing interactive novels,
with decision making, automatic translation/ofuscation and rich audio experience
(Using the awesome Un4seen BASS.dll library and a bit of C/C++ for integrating it with
NodeJS). It took me a week develop that engine, and all of the rest was writing the
novel and converting it in a cuentoScript format.

The novel was so long, I think maybe I can't have it finished until March 31, but
here I am: I finished it! Yay! Maybe with some glitches around there and there, and with
lots of gramtatical horrors, *ahem* errors (hey, I talk spanish natively, not english,
this game was then a big exercise to train my english writing skills :) ), but hey,
It's playable! :D

I want to be sincere: I really want to play the other entries: It must be awesome all
of them. So, I don't have more words to say. Now, if you excuse me, I have to do a
last-time revisions until upload it. So, enjoy! ^-^


(Well... or at least, a try of these... it's a text game, screenshots of text are little nonsense haha  :P)


I reached it! I'm done! Yay!
Hope to play another leeble game jam games too! I would be so excited to see them!

Bye!  :)

Divorce-o-Matic television networks
2017 Marbleen Hyperware (EN.I) for LeebleGameJam 2018
Dev log #1

So here is the first log of the game. Since is just the first day, I will write this time just some toughts of my brainstorming session of this game. Still nothing about the game itself, how to play, rules, crude-development-log and others... So, sit and enjoy!


LOG 1: Brainstorming, or the concept of love and hate in couples... in certain situations hehe.


I think so much what to do this jam, beacuse... man, love and hate theme is so deep: Basically, is not a thing or a concept, is a consequence emotion made by something. So you just can't do anything  about that, beacuse some things you hate other people will love it... and vice versa, and vice versa rotated 180 degrees. Is very subjective!!!

I used to think some random ideas from a failed date RPG, or even latino tv shows based (I commented that on discord this morning I remember), but those ideas are SO vague that I discarded them instantly.

So first, I needed to answer myself a question before ever thinking what to do: What can make couples love each other for the rest of the life, or maybe hate themeselves and attack selfs with frying pan's, bad words, rotten tomatoes and some sort of things...

Let's turn into the classic cheap boring inspirational love quotes from [insert your favourite social network here]:

Yeah, if you love someone you probably know each other enough to think what likes and what dislikes (problem 1 of subjectity solved! yay!  :D). But... That's an ultra-ideal case ... what happens if a not utra ideal case? Let's go back into those cards:

Awww.. romantic isn't? But please, add some 14oz of despair and a very tight time to make fast desicions... (Fast-taken decisions are the worst, period) trying to save you from a disaster...

...toghether. Then, there's hate:idea: The formula is complete!!! Why hate? Beacuse with LOTS of desesperation you need to take fast decisions toghether... but if your decisions does not match with the ones from your couple.

a) You will be discuss with her beacuse there's a conflict.
b) There's no time to make decisions. Both we take an stupid solution (or even more, no taking one at all).
c) You will die from a disastrous scenario.
d) You will discuss with your couple (or laugh if the love is bigger than that problem) why you choose that damn solution for your problem
e) Who knows? You will maybe break up.

So, the name of this game is:
Divorce-o-Matic television networks
(Read that with some sort of festive madness music: )

Waaait, why tv networks? Some spare ideas to implement in a game: Fast bad-decision making would be fun to see... so, how about trying to make this game more like a LIVE-tv show rather than a multiplayer videogame? While some players are trying to get agree togheter while escaping from a disastreous situation, other players are seeing and laughing them ... and also making couples for the next incoming match.

For play this game you will need 2+ players. Generally a couple consist of 2 players, one male, one female. But for not being so restrictive (and to be open minded in this 21 century) we can also accept 3, 4, 5, 6... different or same genders, or even more players!

So before end this busy day I take my notebook and drawn some ideas for what's the gaming thing about...

But I won't want to tell you what's going on here... at least for this log  :ack:


Well... I will try to publish some logs meanwhile I was getting more progress in the game. I work in weeks too, and generally I arrive at home at evening-night, so there's no much free time for doing things. But I'm so enthusiasted for doing and cook something here... So hope this goes well, and hope to write juicy updates soon.

Good luck everybody. I would love to see other's leeble game logs from the jam! :D


Creative Works / Naibu's music
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:56:19 PM »
Hello There!

I saw Alzar music post recently and I loved the idea to share own's music compositions. So, I wanted to show you a little of my work...

First of all... Naibu? What the hell is Naibu?

Around 12 years ago, when I was 15 years aprox, I started with that magic world about making my own game + RPG Maker. Yes, It sounds too innocent for the industry, and the overall results was quite disgusting, but the most important part is that I enjoyed it a lot. I'm trying to make a game which I called "La Leyenda de Naibu" (or Naibu's legend in english), a some sort of RPG Game filled with religion and world-culture stuff. So, that was my motivation to make music: Making an original OST for that game.

Of course, learning how to make music is really tough, and sincerely, I do not have any technical musical knowledge, so almost all music I made it was made by ear, in a try-and-fail basis. When I was started, the only tools I had available was a very old version of FL Studio (3.0 version), a not-known MIDI file editor (MIDI-Locator), and some sparse samples-soundfonts-cheap VSTi collection. I started mainly to make MIDI files first, but later I was able to try with custom waves, to making unique sounds, that look as powerful as world-culture has to offer. But until today I use the same good-old tools ahaha. (I thing that the secret is use the tools that you like most than the best tools from the industry).

I used to like a lot soundtracks that uses lots of world-music instruments, specially Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana, and another similar ones. And yeah, lots of my music are inspired on that ones, even if mines doesn't have a good sound quality (hey, those are random sound samples rendered in MP3 almost haha).

Yeah, the years passed and Naibu's game project was a completely mess (One grows up, ideas change, university studies and work), and well... the project is stuck at years. But the sad thing is I made lots of music for that game.

Until today I don't know what to do with that quantiy of music. Maybe someday make a game and use them, or maybe just keep them for memories...

Well.. I have some of those tracks uploaded into youtube, so I want to show some of them here, can I, pleeeeeeeeease!  :/

Angel de la guarda (The keeper angel)

This is a one,  used mainly in init-menus and in some scenes when you're talking with some ununderstandable out-of-sight subjects.

Esplendida oh tĂș, Tierra (Splendid oh you, Tierra)

I love making this one. The prupose of this song in the game is to cover many random places in the world without a specific background music. I made this melody thinking in the all beautiful and unknown places that exist in the whole world.

Diocesis de la vida (Diocese of the life)

The theme of the antagonist of the game! You will notice that the music don't communicate evilness, but some sort of sadness and "calm despair" instead.

Vertiente de vida (Life's shed)

This one is made for someone's theme in the game. She doesn't know much about the world and will depend a lot of their substitute mommy and daddy, their "gods" of her life!

And for not letting you tired, a last one, hehe
Serena del manzanar- Serene of the apple orchard
This is for a particular place: A land with mixed huge rivers and tall tall trees, with people running for seeking something in that "livid desert". The final results looks like some-secret of mana, but anyways.

I have more to show, but the idea is not to show them all... You will be tired haha.  :D
How do you think? I like a lot Naibu's music... maybe someday I will re-take the project with another eyes... or I don't know really.

Bye! :)

Tutorials/Help Section / Use of fonts in a game.
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:56:58 PM »
Time to ask something.

I remembered said a time in discord that I'm trying to seriously develop a videogame. Yeah, it's a very hard way but not impossible to do, with a lot of things to learn. But also a lot of questions, and that's why I could ask something about fonts and typographies.

Well... in this world LOTS of things are paied, some other things not... many have distinct licenses that allows to use that thing in some or all of the work. But the fonts world is some kinda of... abstract concept. Why? Someone can use the fonts just for making a logo, or for the text of the game, that can be 2 different usages of a typography. Much fonts has free to use, others needs a license for use in commercial contexts (even if they are available for download almost everywhere), others there's no any info (like MS ones like Comic Sans, or Times new Roman).

In this particular case I want to use Times new Roman and Viner Hand ITC for making a logo (yeah! so generic haha). So, in that case I need to see a license for that, even the minimum usage for that?

Also I put the example of Rakuen. It has a logo, with a X font maybe (or maybe not, maybe is hand-drawn), and it has a in-game childish font for texts. That one is a licensed one? Or some created specifically for the game (I don't think so, but... there will be any posibility). 

Yeah, most people says that people don't need to re-invent the wheel, but... The world of licenses for almost everything resource-based causes my head spinning. Maybe sounds too obvious beacuse everybody uses fonts for everyday's work, but also there is that some other things that can restrict the use of that...

Grettings  <3

Introductions & Farewells / Oh Hi nice people! :D
« on: June 03, 2017, 02:07:44 PM »
Hello everyone! :) Let me introduce here.

I'm Enzo, but in internet-land I'm EN.I (also elsemieni in sites when dots or short names aren't welcomed). I'm from Chile (no, not chilly haha) (beacuse that my english is not the best of the world, but I will try to write them the best possible) and as I already said on discord, I'm here beacuse 50% looks a nice place 25% following supershigi by some years 12.5% Rakuen (wow, that was a awesome games) aaand of course: 12.5% leebles! :)

I found here a very nice and creative atmosphere, so I decided to register here. (But with some issues, but already fixed those thanks to Pokusan and Pat). Why? Well, it's a long-but-not-so-long history.

When I was a child I liked imagination/creativity a lot, and my dream was to create games and histories (not just videogames). For example, as a child I created some strange board-mix-role game about racing cars for kids in my school (solving situations like defeat monsters in highways and what to do if you need to go to WC in middle of a storm in a deathmatch race  :D). many kids love playing them at playtime school breaks. Many years passed and now I just finished studing Computer engineering (my other thing that I like), but I just saw a sad world: All of my friends went to work in grey offices doing boring non-sense banking stuff. And it's frustrating when all people says you that making creative things and games it doesn't have any future.

So, I'm a little lost and a bit confused trying to search the correct way to do the things I like, and between searching in many communities a place to find me myself (like heartless game developing, computer programming/demosecene, art forums, fanfiction communities, all with no luck) I found this small community, with lots of love and good friends between others, already knowing supershigi efforts to make her own game and bring Rakuen into reality... So, here I am!

What I like to do? Of course, imagination and creativity related stuff like thinking crazy ideas, programming, some music composing, some ugly art stuff, help people, writing histories, and much more that It don't fit here haha. I also made some tiny RPG Maker minigames, but so experimental that beacuse that, many communities and people rejected (like a oppresive educational math game, when if you commit a mistake, a *real* blue screen of death appears... kinda extreme, no? haha) and other ones for old consoles (SNES, gameboy)... in short: everything that could make people have fun.

Also people says I'm good making music, but I'm not sure really. My last one was a arrangement from ... Yeah, Rakuen. If people don't get angry I put it here...

! No longer available

I will try to do my best cooperating and having fun here, and hope to make good friends :)
Eat fruits and vegetables! :umbrella:

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