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I just voted! ^_^ Had to use one of my votes choosing the Leeble on a broomstick, that choice is pretty important I think :P

Forum Games / Re: Count to a Million!
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:46:03 AM »
Gonna get this forum game going again! Eighty-Eight! ^_^

Complete Indie/Homemade Games / Re: Super Donuts!
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:43:54 AM »
I'm with SoHo on this, I haven't yet played it, but it's definitely one game on my 'to play' list ^_^ And super congrats on getting your game released Nick :D


:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:

Hello to everyone, and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! ^_^ I, Santa Astra, have brought all of you some amazing gifts from some equally amazing folks out there, since I'm sure you've all been good this year! ^_^

A huge thank you to all those that participated in Secret Santa this year as well, for without you guys, this Event wouldn't be possible!

Before I bring out all the gifts from my North Pole storeroom, I just wanted to say I hope ALL of you - not just those participating in Secret Santa, - but to everyone here on the Supershigi Forums, and your families... Have a very Merry, Happy & safe Christmas, chow down on some yummy treats, and enjoy time with friends and during the Holiday Season ^_^ And a very Happy 2018 to all of you as well! :D

Alright, I'm opening the storeroom doors now! Here are your awesome Secret Santa 2017 Gifts freshly baked from the minds of those who participated in this year's Event... enjoy! :D

:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:



To EL:
Spoiler for To EL from kreyg:
! No longer available

To SoHoInBrooklyn:
Spoiler for To SoHoInBrooklyn from SuperRoo:

To SuperRoo:
Spoiler for To SuperRoo from supershigi:
Merry Christmas Aimee! I hope that you're having a wonderful day, and that 2018 is a truly special year for you! For Secret Santa, I thought it'd be fun to get you a few things... they are "sweet treats" but they won't spoil your dinner, and they never expire! They may have already arrived, but if not, be sure to check your mail this week^^ Thanks for being such a great friend!

To kreyg:
Spoiler for To kreyg from MidniteAndBeyond:
Merry Christmas kreyg! - Midnite

! No longer available

To EN.I:
Spoiler for To EN.I from Orison the owlet:
Hey, EN.I
Thanks for all for your advice and many help.
These gifts are only my little thing to say 'Thanks!'
By the way, I tried my best on them.
Here's download link for the gift

Another thing, I'll give you another gift though Discord DM.

Have a nice day!
A little owl

To TheFlyingMarlin:
Spoiler for To TheFlyingMarlin from EL:

And here is a high-res version of the above picture as well ^_^ :

To supershigi:
Spoiler for To supershigi from nicktendowii:
Nicktendowii has sent you a gift in the mail! :D It should be arriving soon! ^_^

And here's a card for you as well! ^_^

To nicktendowii:
Spoiler for To nicktendowii from EN.I:
EN.I has sent you a gift in the mail! ^_^

No peeking in the spoiler below nicktendowii! But for all those of you who are curious what is inside this box... ^_^

Spoiler for What's in the box?! XD:

To Orison the owlet:
Spoiler for To Orison the owlet from TheFlyingMarlin:
TheFlyingMarlin has sent you the Finding Paradise OST by Kan Gao, feat. Laura Shigihara & RIOTxRYKER! ^_^

(I'll send you a link via Discord DM Orison ^_^ - Astra)

You'll also need to create a free Bandcamp account in order to download the soundtrack (click 'Create my free fan account', after going to the link above).

He has also gifted you a Steam game as well! ^_^ Please get in touch with Marlin so you can accept it! :D

To Davixus:
Spoiler for To Davixus from Your secret, Secret Santa:

To MidniteAndBeyond:
Spoiler for To MidniteAndBeyond from Mogepy:

Mogepy has also sent you a code for a Steam game! ^_^ (I'll DM you on Discord with the code Midnite - Astra)

To Mogepy:
Spoiler for To Mogepy from Davixus:
Davixus has sent you a special gift via snail mail! ^_^

Merry Christmas Mogepy! ^_^


<|:) <|:) <|:) <|:)

Hey Secret Santa's! ^_^

By now, I've been in touch with you all, either personally or via a message, to let you know who you've got as a Secret Santa this year! :D ^_^ (Credit of course goes to my favourite knitted Hat for drawing out the names in this year's Event!)

Remember, only YOU know who you got as a Secret Santa, so please, no sharing this Super-Secret Secret with anyone, thanks heaps hehe :D

Everyone that has signed up to this year's Secret Secret will of left some details on what their interests / hobbies are, so please make sure to check out the relevant information above ^_^


(Copied and pasted from the main post)

The deadline for sending in your gift / creation will be on the 20th of December at 11:59pm PST/PDT. Gifts can be sent to me (Astragoth) via my email address -

- If your gift is a Steam game, you can add me on Steam and give me the gift that way. My username is 'Astragoth4' (without the quotations). I'll work out the details with you on Steam if you decide to buy a Steam game for your Secret Santa :)

- If your gift is something physical you'd like to send to someone, it would be really cool to take a picture of what you're sending to that person. Or, and to make it more of a surprise and not ruin it, put the goodies in a bag and take a picture of the bag ^_^ If you send me an email with that picture, I can post it with everyone's gifts come Christmas Day :)


Thanks again everyone, and really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! ^_^  <|:)


The Secret Santa 2017 Sign-Up's are now closed! Thank you to everyone that has signed up! ^_^ Still waiting on a few more people to get back to me, but after that, names shall be drawn out of my favourite hat! <3

Stay tuned! :D

I'm extended the Secret Santa Sign-up Deadline by one more day ^_^ Edited the post above to reflect it as well :D Always great to get more people in that way hehe ^_^

And thanks to all those people that have signed up already as well! :D


:santaleeble: <|:) <|:) <|:) <|:) <|:) <|:) <|:) <|:) :santaleeble:


Hi everyone! Astragoth here, and welcome to a brand new Secret Santa in the Leeble Forest, courtesy of the year 2017! ^_^

If this is your first time participating in our annual Secret Santa Event, WELCOME! ^_^ There are a few rules / guidelines to the Event that I would ask you to read first (which can be found further down the page), but if you meet all the criteria, please feel free to reply in this thread to sign up to the Event! :D

Not sure what Secret Santa is all about? Fear not, for I shall endeavour to explain below :)

Secret Santa is how we celebrate Christmas here in the Leeble Forest (aka the Supershigi Forums), so if you'd like to participate, please post a reply in this Forum Post saying you're interested, and I will add your name to the Sign-up List! :D

Once we get all the people that want to sign up for Secret Santa, come the end of the 19th of November at Midnight (PST/PDT), Sign-up's will close, and I'll then be putting everyone's names into my favourite hat, and drawing them out one by one...

After all the names have been drawn, I'll be sending a Private Forum Message out to everyone seperately (so others won't know who they will be giving a gift to), with who their Secret Santa will be ^_^ It is very important you don't tell anyone who you got, so no telling others on Leeble Discord or anything, as that will spoil the surprise hehe! :)

After you get your PM from me, it will be up to you to decide on what sort of gift you'd like to make for your Secret Santa. It can be ANYTHING you'd like, from something simple like a card / gift card, to a Steam game gift, to even something you've made yourself! <|:)

Also, if you'd like to send your Secret Santa a physical gift, please let me know via a Private Message, and I'll pass your message along to your Secret Santa and make sure it's ok with them first :)

For everyone that's participating in this year's Secret Santa Event, please let us know here in this thread what your interests / hobbies are, so the person sending you a gift can get an idea of what you like :)

Once you know who your Secret Santa will be, the deadline for sending in your gift / creation will be on the 20th of December at 11:59pm. Gifts can be sent to me (Astragoth) via my email address -

- If your gift is a Steam game, you can add me on Steam and give me the gift that way. My username is 'Astragoth4' (without the quotations). I'll work out the details with you on Steam if you decide to buy a Steam game for your Secret Santa :)

- If your gift is something physical you'd like to send to someone, it would be really cool to take a picture of what you're sending to that person. Or, and to make it more of a surprise and not ruin it, put the goodies in a bag and take a picture of the bag ^_^ If you send me an email with that picture, I can post it with everyone's gifts come Christmas Day :)

Just a few rules to keep in mind before signing up for Secret Santa, which are very important:

- Participants entering into the Supershigi Forum's 2017 Secret Santa Event must have a minimum of 20 posts.
- Please let us know while signing-up what your interests / hobbies are in this thread, so your Secret Santa knows what sort of a gift you'd like :) (VERY IMPORTANT!!!! ^_^)
- Have fun! ^_^ (Even MORE Important! :D)
- Let us know if you're ok with receiving a physical gift when you sign up :)
- Not really a rule, but you WON'T get the same Secret Santa as you did last year (for those who have participated in previous Secret Santa's), since it's good to keep it fresh and give a gift to someone you haven't given one too yet ^_^
- PLEASE only sign-up for this Event if you can participate and make a gift, since it would be unfair for someone that has signed up to miss out on receiving a gift. Thanks heaps! :)

Well, that's pretty much it! ^_^ If you have any other questions regarding the Secret Santa Event that I haven't covered above, please ask here, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! :D

REALLY looking forward to another awesome Secret Santa Event YESSSSS!!!! ^_^ :D

:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:


People participating in the Two-Thousand-And-Seventeenth Leeble Forest's Secret Santa Event!:

Orison the owlet

"I think Discord would be a great place to hold the Leeble chat this time! Lots of folks in there chatting today, so perhaps we can hold it there instead. I'll let folks know of this thread so we can try to coordinate a time where most folks are able to attend!"

I'm on board with having the Event there this time as well :) I joined the Leeble Discord yesterday and was amazed to see how many people there were, and all the conversations going on, so I'd definitely hold the Event there since most people are hanging out already ^_^

General Discussion / Re: Animal Crossing New Leaf
« on: May 30, 2017, 09:54:00 PM »
So since my computer has been down (again), I've been playing a lot more Animal Crossing these days - I actually bought Happy Home Designer about a month ago, but only played 'round about half an hour's worth, but I like it so far :D

The reason I started playing again, is ever since the Welcome Amiibo update came out for New Leaf, I've wanted to reorganise everything from my 'closet inventory' into the massive storage bit you can buy from Nook's... only problem is, I had a LOT of stuff I've obtained, not to mention most of my town was overflowing with items on the ground.

Suffice it to say, I just couldn't be bothered organising it, so I just didn't play New Leaf all and kept putting it off :) Anyway, with my comp down, I FINALLY as of a few days ago finished organising everything in my town, pulling up weeds, organising all the flowers, catching up with my villagers who I hadn't caught up with in forever (some of them were cross or sad they hadn't seen me in ages :( ... but yeh, now I've started dismantling most of my Public Work Projects so I can put new ones in various areas of the town.

Basically, I'm overhauling my town and everything, now I've had a massive clean out ^_^

Also, since I recently learnt about a new set of Amiibo cards that specialise in bringing RV's to the town, I bought a pack of those (20 booster packs worth hehe), and hopefully I'll get them delivered to my house this week (my RL house :P)

Here's hoping I get some awesome new RV cards! ^_^

P.S. It's been a while, but I finally found a 10th villager that I was interested in, believe it or not, from the campsite! His name Knox, and he's a CHICKEN! <3 (albeit a Cranky one, but I'm sure we'll get along - Angus, the other cranky Villager who lives in my town, is also Cranky - but we're best friends now <3)

Hi guys! ^_^

So I'm thinking it's about time (and I should apologise for not organising one sooner), we have another IRC Chat Event, definitely sometime in the next 2 weeks :)

I'm thinking - placeholder wise - to schedule the Chat Event next week on Wednesday the 7th of June (though we can change that if it doesn't work for most people).

The question is, what time should we have it?

I'm going to put a placeholder time in for 1pm California time, then go from there, after we decide what day next week is good for everyone :)

Thanks everyone, and please comment here what days / time of the day is good for you ^_^

@ Malefic - Yep, it's open to everyone! ^_^

Happy Vibes / HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!! ^_^ <3 :D
« on: April 17, 2017, 05:25:07 AM »
Happy Birthday Laura! ^_^  :balloon:

I hope you had a wonderful day today, filled with all the things you love - tea, cake, friends, family & presents! :D Oh yeh, and balloons too! <3  :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

You are a wonderful person Laura, and I for one, am SOOO happy I got to know you! ^_^

Keep being the kind, caring, passionate, and full-of-positive-energy person that you are, and please don't EVER change!  B)

All the best, and.........oh LAURA, ONE MORE THING OMG OMGOMGgggg.........,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hehehehe ^_^ :P


General Discussion / Re: Photos of yourself!
« on: April 10, 2017, 03:49:03 PM »
Still the charmer I see Tan ^_^ Such an awesome picture though :D

Hey guys, Astragoth here! ^_^

I meant to start this sooner - and by 'sooner', I mean right at the START of 2017 -, so I apologise to everyone since I haven't been around the forum as of late...

Hence, and since my conscience will feel guilty later on for not including everyone, I'm going to give a shoutout to ALL the people that had Birthdays from the start of January, all the way to the end of March! ^_^

So here goes! ^_^



Jan 1st - Haxolotl
Jan 4th - Leprous hare (Bufkus)
Jan 7th - RyujiRakkan
Jan 8th - Hadriex
Jan 15th - Akira
Jan 16th - Ferdk


Feb 2nd - Stelasimo, Sarahgov
Feb 8th - Strawfairy (Stephy), Castlefan1
Feb 19th - Nehemek
Feb 28th - P. Yoshi


Mar 6th - Lou Tenant Stevie
Mar 11th - ^DJ_Link^, JK3
Mar 13th - RichWerner
Mar 19th - Iozax, Dodolipet
Mar 21st - NuclearDruid
Mar 28th - Dragon Mage
Mar 29th - TRUEfoe (Tan)
Mar 31st - Nikrul


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE! ^_^ Hope all you guys and girls had a great Birthday, even if it WAS at the start of the year... doesn't make it any less special! <3

And now to those people who have a Birthday in the month of

Please make sure you wish them a very Happy Birthday when their equally-special day comes around too! ^_^


Apr 3rd - Oldwine
Apr 5th - Arwym
Apr 11th - Brickbusterx
Apr 14th - Spellbunny (Stacy!!!!), Nadette
Apr 16th - Supershigi (LAURA'S BIRTHDAY! ^_^)
April 25th - WASDofQWERTY
April 27th - Atreus, Jordi
April 28th - BradAric (Brad :D)


A very Happy Birthday to each and every one of you for the month of April! Hope you guys get heaps of presents and delicious cake as well! ^_^

 :cakenotalie: :balloon-anim: :cakenotalie: :balloon-anim:

General Discussion / Re: What Games are You Currently Playing?
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:29:48 PM »
Adds 'Puzzle League' to list of games I have to play <3 Thanks Laura! ^_^

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