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Creative Works / Tokyo Light - New Song
« Last post by DarthExo on February 17, 2020, 11:33:10 PM »
Heya and wazzup fella leebs. My new song titled Tokyo Light now available on Soundcloud (

also available on Bandcamp (

plus you can listen and download @ Minimori Monthly from Contest and Events section

 \nn/ \nn/
Dev Logs / Re: [ Leeble Game Jam] th3mi5t's Dev Log!
« Last post by th3mi5t on February 16, 2020, 05:39:11 PM »
Jumped into some programming more, and today I inadvertently learned how to use plugins. I wanted to make the boss of my game scale with the level of the player's characters, and after doing some research figured out that it cannot be done with just RPG Maker alone. After a couple of google searches I figured out that I would need some plugins, and as such installed them and figured out the general syntax. The plugins I have used are HIME's enemy classes and enemy levels, which allowed me to assign both a class and a scaling level to my boss (and any other enemies I choose). I also installed Yanfly's Sideview Battler so I could use a character's sprite sheet for enemy images instead of drawing another enemy (it would have looked very weird to have my bad drawings in the mix of high quality art built-in). To finish off, I coded in some dialogue for the boss along with some battle processing, such as win-loss conditions. After cleaning up some numbers and doing some ad-hoc testing, I am ready to jump into programming the first friend you can encounter, along with the first small dungeon.
Dev Logs / Re: [Game Jam 2020] What if the friends we made... ?
« Last post by OveAhlman on February 16, 2020, 12:05:23 PM »
@t3mi5t Sounds like a cool theme too, maybe a bit to meta though :-p ... or atleast that sounds like a bigger game where you somwhat make puzzles to solve tasks... uhm...?
Creating puzzles is all about the mechanic. What is it that is interacting and what is the goal? Once you have decided on a simple idea here you buiild some simple level, play it, then expand it by adding tweaks which you learned when playing the easy level and then repeat.
So its kinda interesting since atleast how I do it is to first set the stage, and then I explore what the heck I actually came up with.

Week 2 update:
The game will contain at least 4 parallel tracks of puzzle mechanics. This week I have scripted these mechanics and came up with non-trivial levels where I can explore and play around with these mechanics. The frame work is hopefully setup so it will be easy later to add animations and the story elements, but we'll see when I start with it I guess. I am still a bit torn on how to focus on the levels now. On one hand I really feel like doing a more story heavy game and thus both make easier levels, but also give higher priority to story elements of the level design rather than to make it challenging and deep from a dynamic view. My usual way to make game is to focus on the mechanic and dynamic core of the game, but on the other hand I am trying in this game jam to step outside of my comfort zone to focus story.

Status: On Track.
Dev Logs / Re: [ Leeble Game Jam] th3mi5t's Dev Log!
« Last post by th3mi5t on February 15, 2020, 08:27:26 PM »

Free time has finally arrived, so I was able to jump into RPG Maker and start working on little things. I first started with drawing out the overworld and two of the areas in the game, being the character's home and the mountain, where the final boss is located. I also started programming sections of text, but only the intro text at the moment. Through some googling I figured out the best way to fade into the game, starting on an empty map and loading in from there. Next, I worked on some sprites using the built-in sprite editor in RPG Maker, as well as paint so I could edit some of the sprites I made. Next, I want to start figuring out the boss's numbers (for the first phase at least) along with the protagonist's stats, and their abilities. Once that is done I can go into working on the dungeon section, the forest.
Dev Logs / Re: [ Leeble Game Jam] th3mi5t's Dev Log!
« Last post by btballenger on February 14, 2020, 01:53:56 PM »
Sounds awesome! Also sounds like maybe I don't want to beat the boss... :(
Dev Logs / Re: The Chachia [Leeble Game Jam 2020]
« Last post by btballenger on February 14, 2020, 01:47:58 PM »
OK, it's been over a week so time for an update!! Here's a little video.

You can see I've worked out some basic aspects. Collisions, movement, jumping/gravity, camera follow, idle/walk/jump/fall animations, basic floor tiles and placeholders for testing. I've got much more of a tileset drawn but I'm currently trying to learn how to incorporate sloped floors, it might be too much for now.

I also did some spritework for either an ending screen or a character portrait but I'll save that for the game.

So far the biggest struggle was figuring out the walk cycle, so I'll share a little bit about that. The first attempt I ended up with ChachiaBadWalk.gif. I felt like this looked really janky and didn't understand why -- I worked so hard on it!! So I mapped out what the legs were doing in each frame (BadWalkMapped.jpg) and decided I needed to make sure only two opposite legs were moving during each frame. From that I ended up with something more reasonable (ChachiaWalk.gif). Yay!

I still have so much to do, but I feel like I've accomplished a lot even if I don't have a lot to show for it yet. :D Slow and steady, like a chachia.
Dev Logs / Re: [Game Jam 2020] What if the friends we made... ?
« Last post by th3mi5t on February 11, 2020, 06:54:17 PM »
What if the puzzles we made along the way? Haha! Jk!....


But still excited to play your game! Also super interested in how your process is going to be for coming up with puzzles!
Dev Logs / [Game Jam 2020] What if the friends we made... ?
« Last post by OveAhlman on February 10, 2020, 12:47:35 PM »
First of all I think the theme is very interesting. It is a question, yet it is quite unclear what the quiestion really asks or what it means. I put a big emphasis on the first two words of the sentence "What if the friends we made along the way?". This "What if" is a show of insecurity, it is a question of who these friends really are. So when I hear this theme I hear a story about someone doing a travel, making friends. Then questioning and worrying about what happened to this friendship later. This is the starting point of my game.

Now I will make a puzzle game. I love puzzle games and have made some before in puzzleScript ( This is not a perfect (or even good) medium for a story, so the story will be a bit implicit, but I really hope to get it to shine through, and especially make it very clear that I am using the theme of the jam to its fullest.

* Week 1, - Decide on If I should do the jam and start planning how.
* Week 2, - Start scripting and building framework.
                - Test concept levels to see if it makes sense
* Week 3, - Refine concept levels and develop more dynamics from these mechanics.
                - Refine gameflow
* Week 4, - Refine graphics
                - Add sounds
                - Add animations
                - (if time) Cinematics (ish)
Hopefully making a plan this explicit will make me more motivated on following through.
                - Make
Creative Works / Re: Akira's one song per month!
« Last post by Akira on February 09, 2020, 04:38:15 PM »
Oh thank you @ModernRetroRacer! I haven't even checked this board in forever but I super appreciate the feedback :D Would love to hear your stuff as well! :)

I have like, a whole year of songs now to add, lol. I guess I'll just put them on the main topic ~

Contests and Events / Re: Minimori Monthly: January 2020!
« Last post by Akira on February 09, 2020, 04:35:47 PM »
Kovu: thoughtful poem! very you xD

Kamipixel: tense and well paints a picture of that feeling of lateness

DarthExo: Pretty good! I like the lo-fi simple beat and scraggly noises. Evokes someone wandering through a city with their headphones on.

Aidyn: Ooo I really love the chords! Catchy and well performed, really great rhythm on the guitar! That was fun, thank you for sharing! :)

Akira: Hyuk hyuk

EL: So much atmosphere! Without reading the description I feel like I’m in a coffee shop in the middle of a city feeling reflective and solemn and wondering what to do next. The shift to the pensive more full sound at around 1:40 is really cool, and especially cool how it keeps building and feeling more desperate! Well done!

Puzzle044: Wahhh I wish I could play this! Stupid windows laptop being a lump of dead battery uselessness right now. Really cool concept for gaining back the creativity though!

Lunar: I LOVE the aesthetic of this game! Reminds of that pico game stuff in the middle of celeste, then complete with the over the top full orchestral song hahaha. I actually did defuse the bomb! The bomb OS was amusing, I liked all the responses the computer gave. Well done!! xD

Sprout: This is really beautiful! Both the singing and the guitar playing are really lovely :) Thank you for sharing this!!

Badabbots: I’m with btballenger here, kudos for all those rhymes while telling a story! I like stories with morals like these :D

Custer: the hat is looking GREAT! That’s WIP? It looks good to go!

B. Cornifer: That was really well done. It reminded me of the movie “The Farewell” which I really liked.

Lopar: I like how the chords shift in feel - minor/major changes, and then more interesting chords like at 0:32 of the chord shifts - I can imagine it as a like, complex bad guy in a game is explaining his sinister plan

Also thank you to @btballenger for writing out all the feedback to everyone :)
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