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[RMXP] Testing time-saver
« on: July 23, 2014, 07:20:03 PM »
This isn't much of a tutorial, but it's something that helps tremendously when testing one's own RMXP game for those who haven't tried it yet -- it gives you control to speed up the game at will:

^Making a parallel-running common event similar to the above will make it possible to speed up the game at will. In that sample, the control keys are "Q" for normal speed and "W" for fast speed -- the normal frame of the game's 40, so the fast speed's 3x the normal (120); you can alter the number as appropriate.

Code: [Select]
Since there's a lot of repetitive testing before you release things (even to a tester group), this saves a lot of time to jump through cutscenes and longer walks. Just don't forget to take that common event out for release :P
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