Author Topic: Supershigi Forum IRC Chat Room Event - 6th of June @ 4pm Pacific Time! ^_^  (Read 739 times)


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The first IRC Event of the new month will start on the 6th of June (a Monday) at 4pm Pacific Time! ^_^

There will be another IRC Chat Event near the end of June, so those of you who aren't able to make this one, please let us know here so we can set it for a good time for the second one, thanks!

As always, here are the Rules to participating in the IRC Chat Events:
- You must be registered with the Supershigi Forum, and sign in with that name when you login to the IRC Chat Room. You can log in either with the 'Chat' button on the menu bar below the Forum Banner at the top of this page, or click here :)
- All chat during the Event will be moderated for the consideration of others. If in doubt, our friendly admin will be on hand to assist and help you out ^_^
- Have heaps of fun! :D

Hope to see you guys there! ^_^

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Pretty sure I'm going to be having one of my finals during that time, so if I make it, it's going to be a little bit later. The good news is that I'll be more or less free during the weekdays once finals are over! :D
Something will be here. Eventually.