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Leeble Forest: Christmas 2016 Newsletter! ^_^
« on: November 25, 2016, 05:58:11 AM »
<|:) The Official Leeble Forest Newsletter! - Special Christmas 2016 Edition! ^_^  :santaleeble:

Hello and welcome everyone to an all brand-new Leeble Forest Newsletter!  <|:)

Astragoth here, bringing you all the joyful tidings of what's going on in the month of December! (I know, it's still November, but it's close to December so might as well hehe :D)


The Leeble Forest's 2016 Secret Santa has begun!  <|:) Sign up's currently open! ^_^

The 2016 Secret Santa Event is here and Sign-up's are now OPEN!  <|:) The Sign-up Deadline will be on the 26th of November at Midnight, so to all those who haven't yet been to the Secret Santa Thread and would like to participate, please check it out here! :D (Some rules may apply, so be sure to read them first ^_^)


Supershigi Forum's IRC Chat Event: 5th of December @ 4pm Pacific Time! (PST)

There will be another super dupa fun IRC Chat Event on the 5th of December (a Monday). at 4pm Pacific Time! ^_^

For those that haven't yet participated in an IRC Event, it's where members of the Supershigi Forum login to the Chat Room and talk about food, games, movies, more food.... really anything that is the topic of coversation ^_^

To enter the Supershigi Forum's IRC Chat Room, click the 'Chat' button on the menu bar at the top of the page (under the Forum banner, it should be the 2nd button from the left :), or you can click here :)

For Rules regarding the IRC Chat Event itself, or for any other questions, please ask in the relevant IRC Chat Event thread here, and we'll be sure to get back to you promptly ^_^

Also, if enough people can't make the scheduled date or time, let us know in the thread there as well, and we'll reschedule the Event so it works for more people, thanks! :D

The IRC Chat Event Thread!

Hope to see everyone there for a great time! ^_^


The Rakuen Creature Fest! (Halloween 2016) ^_^

For the month of October, we had a special Halloween contest - the 'Rakuen Creature Fest', in which community members could integrate any of the creatures from the world of Rakuen - Laura's new game - into a Halloween theme, be it a drawing, music, food art, really anything creative, so long as it was centred around Halloween itself :D

While the Contest is over, we did get a LOT of great submissions, so thanks to all of you who participated! ^_^

And a special congratulations goes out to the Contest winners: Krystal, SuperRoo, Annette, and Campnoodles! :D

If you'd like to see all of the Rakuen Creature Fest entires, you can check them out here! ^_^


Community Spotlight! ^_^

Welcome to a brand new section of our Leeble Forest Newsletter, the Community Spotlight! ^_^ Here we'll bring you all the news on what some of our Leeble Citizens have been up to or working on! :D Enjoy!

:idea: :music: B) :thumbup:


Crimmy has created a lot of great artwork in his own Crimmy's Creative Center, ranging from terrifyingly awesome monsters, to..... well, even MORE terrifyingly awesome monsters XD MONSTER GALORE WOOOO! ^_^

Seriously though Crimmy, your art work is amazing, though I won't be surprised if one of your creations come to visit me in my nightmares hehehe ^_^ Keep up the great work! :D  :brains:


Zeriab has created an awesome tool that allows people who use the program RPG Maker XP, to be able to use custom fonts in such that a way that you won't have to manually install a certain font after you've installed the game that the font will be used for.

Instead, Zeriab has made something that you won't have to install a font manually for the game anymore! All you have to do is run the game itself, and the font will run automatically! Now that's what I call a hassle-free solution right there! ^_^

You did an amazing job writing this tool Zeriab, and thanks so much for sharing it with all of us too! Now we don't have to worry about whether or not we won't be able to see any text next time we run our RPG Maker games hehe! :D

You can check out Zeriab's RPG Maker Font Tool here! :)


Small's game, 'A Quiver of Crows', has now been released to the public on Steam! ^_^ Way to go Alice! XD

If you haven't heard of 'A Quiver of Crows', it's a shoot-em-up game - aka shmup - in which you control a Crow who has a ton of awesome weapons - I personally love the look of the Laser weapon! - and goes around defeating all of wicked skeletal enemies that are stopping the Crow from rescuing his imprisoned brothers and sisters! ^_^

If you'd like to check out her game, you can find more information at the Official A Quiver of Crows website (complete with a game trailer!), or check out her Development thread here at the Supershigi Forums :)

Here is the Steam link to A Quiver of Crows as well! ^_^


I personally love Campnoodles cover songs! She has a very relaxing, soothing singing voice, so I would definitely recommend checking out her Creative Thread - Cami's cover corner! :D

Looking forward to listening to more of your covers Cami! ^_^


Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this special Festive Issue of this month's Leeble Forest Newsletter! Hope all you guys have a great week and take it easy too! ^_^


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Re: Leeble Forest: Christmas 2016 Newsletter! ^_^
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2016, 08:52:31 PM »
Thanks a bunch for the spotlight! =j And I just went to check Cami's Covers, they're truly amazing!
(And I want A Quiver Of Crows so bad, but the moneys... soon! SOOOOOOOON!!!!!)
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