Author Topic: The Official 2017 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread! (SIGN-UP's ARE NOW CLOSED!!) ^_^  (Read 2321 times)


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Hey Secret Santa's! ^_^

By now, I've been in touch with you all, either personally or via a message, to let you know who you've got as a Secret Santa this year! :D ^_^ (Credit of course goes to my favourite knitted Hat for drawing out the names in this year's Event!)

Remember, only YOU know who you got as a Secret Santa, so please, no sharing this Super-Secret Secret with anyone, thanks heaps hehe :D

Everyone that has signed up to this year's Secret Secret will of left some details on what their interests / hobbies are, so please make sure to check out the relevant information above ^_^


(Copied and pasted from the main post)

The deadline for sending in your gift / creation will be on the 20th of December at 11:59pm PST/PDT. Gifts can be sent to me (Astragoth) via my email address -

- If your gift is a Steam game, you can add me on Steam and give me the gift that way. My username is 'Astragoth4' (without the quotations). I'll work out the details with you on Steam if you decide to buy a Steam game for your Secret Santa :)

- If your gift is something physical you'd like to send to someone, it would be really cool to take a picture of what you're sending to that person. Or, and to make it more of a surprise and not ruin it, put the goodies in a bag and take a picture of the bag ^_^ If you send me an email with that picture, I can post it with everyone's gifts come Christmas Day :)


Thanks again everyone, and really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! ^_^  <|:)