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list of names/terms in the game
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:09:45 AM »
For the translation projects, it would be useful to start with compiling a list of all the names in the game (plus other terminologies) that require consistent translation, especially if a particular language has multiple translators working on different portions.

Starting with a master list also means supershigi can note down any special care that should be taken for a particular game, that every translation project can easily reference.

For example, here's an open question:

Would it be preferable if the translation of "Yami" directly mean "Darkness" in the language being translated into? Or should it be phonetically translated? Or does it not matter and can be decided by a coin toss?

* when playing the game in English, while people familiar with Japanese might recognize that "Yami" is a Japanese word for "darkness", it still feels different from having his English name be directly "Darkness" (might give away too much as spoiler?). 
* while a internet search of "Yami" in English might tell a player that it is the Japanese word for darkness, a search on any of its Chinese phonetic translation candidates would unlikely reveal such information, which means the reference to "darkness" could be completely lost if "Yami" is phonetically translated to any Chinese variants.  (this issue may or may not be unique to Chinese)
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