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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Leeble Forest Summer Festival 2018
« on: July 18, 2018, 05:11:30 PM »
:) Announcing the Leeble Forest Summer Festival! :)

We are incredibly excited to announce the first Leeble Forest Summer Festival event! This is a chance for everyone to share their individual talents with the world in a unique online creative space right here on the forums - a ‘summer festival’ where we celebrate our talented community and enjoy looking at what people get up to when they’re not chatting about Rakuen or figuring out ever more bizarre pronunciations of the word ‘nutella’.

The core concept is simple: come up with an idea for a ‘stall’ that you might see at a summer festival or fair, and fill it with content that you can share with everyone online. You might design a game fashioned after real-life games commonly seen at fairs such as whack-a-mole or hoop toss; you might open a food stall filled with pictures of your cooking; you might display your beautiful drawings in an art stall; you might present your original literary works in a book stall - there really are no limitations on what medium you decide to use to showcase your creativity!

There are some rules and guidelines in order to maintain a certain level of uniformity (so that it doesn’t feel too disjointed and still feels like a part of one event) but also to give you a creative stimulus for your entry, as follows:

1. You may enter as an individual or as a group of no more than three.
2. You must be an active member of the forums or an active presence on the Discord server in order to participate.
3. If you do not meet the requirements of Rule 2 above but still wish to participate, please message either EL or Alzar.
4. To sign up, you must post a 'placeholder' post for your stall with the name of the entrant(s) in the official event thread here.
5. The deadline for signups is 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 31 July.

1. The event will run in two phases: the 'preparation phase' and the 'festival phase'.
2. The preparation phase will run from Wednesday 18th July to Monday 20 August; the festival phase will run from Monday 20 August to Monday 27 August.
3. The preparation phase will consist of sign-ups to the event, stall design and content creation; the festival phase will consist of stall presentation and a 'closing ceremony' post.
4. The main prize is, like many game jams, that of the stall itself, and the opportunity to share and celebrate the creative output of the community together. However, there may be other small awards that are distributed at the closing ceremony.

1. The entry will consist of two main elements: the ‘banner’ and the ‘stall’.
2. The ’banner’ is the essentially the stall sign - the official festival template may be used (downloadable here, credit to the amazing Crimms) as a base or entrants may design their own.
3. All banners must contain the name of the stall, a representative logo/graphic and the name of the entrant(s).
4. All banners must be 660 x 240 pixels and in PNG format.
5. All banners must be submitted by email to with the subject title “LFSF 2017 Stall Banner”.
6. The deadline for all banners is 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 31 July.

1. The ‘stall’ will be in the format of a single post made by the entrant (or single representative on account of a team entry) in the ‘Leeble Forest Summer Festival 2018’ thread here (NOT this announcement thread) which is open to edit by the creator(s) until the event deadline (Monday 20 August).
2. Every stall must contain a banner (placed at the top of the post) and at least one item of creative content.
3. The concept of the stall must adhere to the theme of ‘summer festival’ i.e. is derived from or otherwise clearly related to a stall concept commonly found in summer festivals, fairs or fetes etc.
4. The content of the stall may be arranged in any manner within the post.
5. All content of the stall must be the creative property of the entrant(s) - fanart, fanfiction or other similar derivative works are allowed as long as the actual content has been created by the entrant(s).
6. All content of the stall must be age-appropriate, and the inclusion of any excessively violent, vulgar, NSFW or otherwise inappropriate content will result in the immediate removal of the entry from the event.
7. The deadline for all stalls is 23:59 GMT on Monday 20 August.

More information to follow soon!

The Leeble Forest Summer Festival Committee
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Leeble Forest Summer Festival 2018
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NOTE: The following are to be used as a guide, and are not there to limit your creativity - they are simply a way to help you visualise what a 'standard' stall might look like for those who are struggling with envisaging what is meant by a 'stall' in the case of this particular event.


Code: [Select]
[center][img]INSERT BANNER IMG LINK HERE[/img][/center]

[center][u][b]STALL OWNED BY:[/b][/u]

[u][b]ABOUT THE STALL[/b][/u]



STALL GUIDE AND EXAMPLE (to be used as a guide, not as a target standard of quality as it is too awesome)

                                                                                   Upper sign for stall name

         Side sign for logo / picture                      Lower sign for entrant name(s) / team name

Anonymous Leeble

Use this space for your name(s) / team name.


Hello and welcome to the Stall of Awesome! This is the template stall for the Leeble Forest Summer Festival, but this doesn't mean it can't be awesome. Even this introduction is awesome.

Use this space to introduce what your stall is.


Use this space for the content of your stall.

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