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:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:

Merry Christmas everyone, Santa Astra here! ^_^ I hope you have a great time celebrating with family and friends, enjoy opening some sweet presents, and of course, eating delicious food (I know I'm full right now from Christmas lunch and I'm trying to fight off having a nap as of typing this HAHAHA :D

A huge thank you to all those that participated in Secret Santa this year, and for sending your gifts in - I hope you all enjoy your presents! ^_^ <3

So without further ado, here are the 2018 Secret Santa Gifts YAY!!!! ^_^ (everyone's loves gifts right? hehe) Happy New Year to all of you as well!

:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:



To JuuNi:
Spoiler for To JuuNi from TheFlyingMarlin:
I don't have a ton of experience making chiptunes, but here goes! This was made in the style of the NES's sound system, but I'm not sure exactly what this is supposed to be; if I had to describe it, it'd be part-boogie, part polka :P . The outro is a bit awkward, but for a little bonus, try listening to it backwards :smugble: .

(Astra: You can find the chiptune file available for download at the bottom of this entire post, sorry I wasn't able to get it uploaded via another way :S)

To Campnoodles:
Spoiler for To Campnoodles from TigerBlaze98:

TigerBlaze98 is sending you a physical gift! But wants to keep what it is a secret until you get it hehe :)

Tiger did want to send you a Christmas message though ^_^

Hey Campnoodles!

Here's your gift. Hope ya like it!


Please feel free to share a picture with all of us Cami when you get your gift :D

To Kreyg:

To Average Potato:
Spoiler for To Average Potato from Jankmo-o:

Jank has gotten you a Steam gift card! Please get in touch with him for more details ^_^

To SoHoInBrooklyn:
Spoiler for To SoHoInBrooklyn from EN.I:

Hi sixty sesenta ???? Ň°ezdeset seŇ°desmit iri isii boop boop! EN.I here.

Just want to wish you a merry damn merry christmas for you and your puppy! :D
After thinking what give you to christmas for a while, I decided to give you some fuel for feed your imagination in form of kindle e-books, so
after researching a little I think I found some bizarre/more experimental things might will like you. Hope you like it (and if not, I think you can exchange it with other books too).

(If you don't have a kindle, you can use the kindle application for reading those)

And of course! There's not secret santa for sixty if there's not a...

Here's a interactive christmas postcard for you! It's 120% safe, no viruses! ABSOLOTELY Guarranted!
Download (PC-Windows):

Psst... If the postal doesn't work well, or if you feel a bit un-trustable, here's a spoiler ending for the postcard ^^ :

(Astra: Hey 60! Please DM me on Discord for the Kindle book links, thanks buddy! ^_^)

To TigerBlaze98:
Spoiler for To TigerBlaze98 from steviefazmantheslavboo:

Stevie would like to gift you some Steam games! ^_^ Please get in touch with him for more details, thanks :D

To Supershigi:
Spoiler for To Supershigi from JuuNi:

Hi Laura, merry christmas from myself your UK based secret santa. Hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.  hope to see you on the minecraft server soon :3

To Akira:
Spoiler for To Akira from supershigi:

Merry Christmas Akira! I was recently informed that there was a minor rip in the space time continuum, caused mysteriously by... your mother. Public record indicates that you were the recipient of the "first place" award in a very critical Tetris competition that occurred many years ago at an unnamed location. However, our findings indicate that you actually received "second place" and were being given incorrect information your entire life. This may seem benign, however... when your mother made the decision to shield you from this information, her love for you, and her desire for you to have received "first place," resulted in a tear in the very fabric of time. Left unchecked, this tear threatens to destroy our entire universe. Thus... I have sent you a very special set of plans which will (hopefully) allow you to travel BACK IN TIME to the very day this event occurred, and make things right.

If you succeed, everything will be fine. If you fail, the world as we know it may cease to exist. Use this information, and the additional special items wisely. Our universe is depending on you.

Your Secret Santa

Also, you should be receiving something in the mail too Akira! Please feel free to share what it is if you'd like too ^_^

To Jordi:
Spoiler for To Jordi from Akira:

I know these are hard to get overseas and I think every fan of Rakuen should have them xD

You should be getting these in the mail Jordi, hope you enjoy them! ^_^

To naska:
Spoiler for To naska from Jordi:

There should be two files -- a WAV file with the song, and a JPEG with a small note!

-- Jordi

To Aidewen:
Spoiler for To Aidewen from naska:

Naska is sending you some physical gifts, hope you enjoy them! ^_^

(Astra: Please contact naska to obtain your digital soundtrack code / link, thanks Aidewen!)

To Orison the owlet:
Spoiler for To Orison the owlet from SoHoInBrooklyn:

To EL:
Spoiler for To EL from Orison the owlet:

Hey, EL!
This year I am your secret santa. I have no idea how to make you gift from the clue you left on the forums. But I remember that you like Gemma-Winston's story
Including 3 version of drawing (Nothing change much) and the project file on SAI
1.(Regular) gemma loykrathong:
This one is for you.
2.gemma loykratong Common release:
This version has lower quality (75% of the first), I'll post this version on my DeviantArt/Twitter after 25 December 2018.
3.Gemma Loy Krathong (x2 size):
And this one is larger that the first one X2!.

I spent about 8 hours (I guess) on this. I'm not the expert at this so you can find many mistakes in my art.
For infomation, here's the wiki link about the Loy Krathong Festival (I don't know how to explain in English, sorry man.)
While I'm writting this, it's 3 AM now so I'm pretty sleepy now. Sorry again if I say anything wrong.
However, I hope your enjoy the gift (Both the drawing and Steam wallet code)

Also, have the happy holidays!
A little owl.

(Astra: Hi EL! Please DM me on Discord so I can give you the Steam Wallet code, thanks!)

To sprout:
Spoiler for To sprout from Average Potato:

Average Potato is sending you a physical gift! Please let us know what you got sprout :D

To EN.I:
Spoiler for To EN.I from EL:

"You sit down in front of your computer. It's been a long day. Or a long night? You can't tell the difference anymore. Stifling a yawn, you boot up your computer, and the screen blinks and flickers to life. The start-up screen seems a bit different from what you remember. You rub the sleep from your eyes and look again. Strange. It was definitely different yesterday."

To steviefazmantheslavboo:
Spoiler for To steviefazmantheslavboo from sprout:

Sprout has gifted you a digital copy of Laura's 'My Blue Dream + by Laura Shigihara'! ^_^

(Astra: Please send me a message on Discord Stevie so I can send you the Bandcamp link, thanks!)

To TheFlyingMarlin:
Spoiler for To TheFlyingMarlin from Campnoodles:

Campnoodles sent you an iTunes Gift Card! Please get in contact with her so she can send it to you ^_^

To Jankmo-o:
Spoiler for To Jankmo-o from kreyg:

Merry Christmas Jank! Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


<|:) <|:) <|:) <|:)
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I had an absolute blast, can't wait for the next one!!!!!
Just an ordinary root vegetable passing through.


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Man this was great, was practically dieing of laughter at mine LOOOOL.

Thank you and Merry Christmas xD
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Gotta go fast

Orison the owlet

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I just realized this chained secret santa

SoHoInBrooklyn <------  EN.I
         |                            ^
         |                             |
         v                            |
    Owl (Me)   ---------->   EL

Okay nvm that...

Reply: SoHoInBrooklyn

Oh god! That's awesome! Thank you so much for the gift. I hope you enjoy your holidays, Merry Christmas!


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Thank you so much Jordi! This is actually the first time anyone has made music for me and it's been on my wishlist for the longest time. It's so pretty! I will listen to this TONS!  :music: Thanks again!

Awesome job everyone! XD


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Dude, EN.I, I couldn't work the exe but I cracked up from the youtube version lol. Those books look awesome! I had heard of Corpsepaint before, and Gateways to Abomination look awesome. Thanks so much, happy holidays!

Owl, hope you liked, I'm not that familiar with the characters but wanted to try something cute.

EDIT: I am fool~ That was awesome lol
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Guess what? Yeah, that time I turned on my pc was different...
But liked it a lot and decided it that image now will be the default one.

I like so much how it looks like as desktop wallpaper for everyday chores! So thank you 2x EL! <3!


Let me have a little opinion for other folks gifts (or at least the ones I have enough info for make an opinion... I dunno for example what to say for the secret steam codes haha) ^^

JuuNi's gift: Hey! That sounds cute! Looks like an aunthentic pocket-sized christmas SEGA chiptune for running outside at the cold singing merry christmas! haha.  And the ending is fine, is like ending with still that sweet ingredient you put inside. Backwards? Sounds like it reminds some song but i'm not sure what...

Kreyg's gift: I don't know much about guitars but this nylon cover (I'm right?) is very relaxant, but misteriously epic at the same time. Accomplishing that is definitively NOT easy, so for someone like kreyg is a really good gift!  :D

SoHoInBrooklyn's gift: Psst if someone thinks the executable postcard didn't work, I just will say: Did you open again and again and again? Maybe there's some different error message this time (?)

Akira's gift: Epoch plans! And it uses Diesel? WOW! I think you will need to go to the future to take some trash-based fuel from Back from the future movie before screw any tetris contest XD. That image looks SO cool man, full of tiny technical details! Just remember to give some grettings to Janus and Ozzie. Also... Hey, you need to put a Cannon Sticker on it! (Sorry, I had to say it XDD)

Jordi's gift: How you! ... If you want to see No holds bard in your town and you don't wear these, serious problem will happen. You know, envoys at night with australian flavour (?). So having one of these will save you from a inminent disaster... and also you will looking very cool. Just have some patience with mail but it will arrive (3-4 months sometimes... have patience...)

Naska's gift: Awwww emmy's first melody? Sweet! :D That gift then was accurrate!  :) Also beacuse this melody sounds too heartful and inspirational for everyday (cheerful, sleepy, happy, hungry, etc, etc) imaginary adventure uses ;) Come on, very emmy one, a theme for her!

Aidewen's gift: .....? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd A thing like that EXIST? Holy cow! Oh ... it's just a box? Okay, but... but WHAT a box! 11/10! The pack is awesome awesone! And with NieR automata OST! ahahaha!

Orison the owlet's gift: Sixty doing that sort of cute things is a really big thing and lots of effort haha. I like how it mixes many things that little owl admires :D mixed with the aunthentic 60.25 style, in some sort of way. It's an incredible mix of two completly different worlds.

EL's gift: Owl says that maybe will have mistakes, but the idea is not giving a perfect gift, instead giving a one with lots of love in it. And that's one of those, and a beautiful one! Gemma in this one looks so cute! And also is great that you give the making-off process, so people can see all the effort involved in it, and that's really cool! :D
sprout's gift: Not much to say, but that package is HYPNOTIC  <3

Jankmo-o's gift: The beggining is so peaceful and relaxing, with lots of talent in that piano score... but if it's kreyg, something kreyg can happen... not? Obviously hahahahaha! I just want to say: Stop! haha Stop! Relax a little! haha  :D :D I imagine a christmas dinner in a completely mess with food war and that thing. And... the horse? WHY A HORSE? XDDDDDDDDD


Also Astra! Thank you so so so so so so much for organizing this once more. I think you deserve a big bukfus-sized hug! Hehehe.

Now If you excuse me I need to recover from all christmas food XD


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ahh this was so much fun!! thank you again potato for the lovely lovely crafts; they were all so amazing & creative!! my lil brother got me rly pretty patterned origami paper for xmas & i will def be taking inspiration from your gifts to make use of mine <3

see you all next year!


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Let me have a little opinion for other folks gifts (or at least the ones I have enough info for make an opinion... I dunno for example what to say for the secret steam codes haha) ^^

Well I guess you could think of gift cards as us expressing our overreaching generosity :P
Gotta go fast