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« on: April 14, 2019, 12:37:11 AM »
hi! my name is celestial boba, you can call me boba, or losmic (my internet name) or whatever :)

i first started on the discord because i was impatient in waiting for my approval (almost 2 weeks now) so you may have seen me there.

i live in australia and i like to listen to music (mostly k-pop :music: ), draw, and play lots of video games! my favourites are animal crossing, the professor layton series, ssb and (currently) fantasy life!

i got into laura's music when my cousin showed me pvz, and then i stumbled upon from the ground up when it first came out (2012 i believe), so i've been here for a little bit ever since, but i didn't know a single person who knew about laura's work until i found out about the forums and twitch this year :gasp:

i'm very introverted but i'll try my best to talk with you all!

nice to meet you all!  :D
ichi go ichi e