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Heya everyone!
« on: April 17, 2019, 05:51:58 PM »
Hi guys! :D I'm Aidyn (they/them), otherwise known as AidynNichi elsewhere on the internet. I have come here from the Discord and Twitch, so some of y'all probably already know me.  B)

I have known about Laura's work since "Everything's Alright" in To The Moon, and I've been working with my friend to make covers of her songs since then. I'm a singer-songwriter myself, and play the guitar, piano, ukulele, ocarina, and a few others. I like playing some video games in my spare time, though it hasn't been as frequent as before. I do play Smash Ultimate and My main hobby at the moment is fish-keeping, though.

I never know what to say on these things, but I'm happy to be here and can't wait to meet you all and see this community grow!

~Aidyn :3