Author Topic: List of my favorite songs based on my expressions  (Read 1261 times)


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List of my favorite songs based on my expressions
« on: July 06, 2019, 09:29:47 AM »
Some of us might listen some songs to release stress. It just like therapy to our mind. This is my list of my fave songs based on my expressions.

1. (Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends) : This song I always listen during at my high school ; I don't trust of my friends because it'll stab at your back but even true friends will stab you in the front. [I listen this when I'm alone]

(Call Me Home - Laura Shigihara) : The second song reminds me about my darkest life journey. Full of dark past and stuffs. I started listen this on March after Everything's Alright (i guess...). This song will relieve your mind and soul. [calm and religious]

3. (I Go - Pete Teo) : This song also known as "The Farewell Song" for me because when my friend will go to another place or moving away. I always listen this and make a throwback in my mind [farewell and calm]
Spoiler for Hiden:
I wish shigi will cover this song but I'm too shy to request it :(

4. (Terbang Tunduk - Fynn Jamal) : This is my favorite Malay song that I just recently listen right now. Fynn Jamal was a poet also singer-songwriter. Her song makes my spirit lifted up and no despair in life. [spirit boost + happy]

So this my fave songs based on it. How about you guys and gals?  B) :musicec:
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