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Owl's journey log
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:32:50 AM »
Hello Leebles and people.

This is not Orison. Well, commonly be called as "Owl". In case you want to know more details about me, I'd written my reply on "Get to know your fellow forum members".

I told folks about I'm going to be a novice (Young monk) in this month. Emmy (naska) mentioned about writing blog.
I don't know if writing in the forum and visit the Discord server would suit me more that writing blog
Uhh... Today is 15th May 2019 I'm writing this before the next day comes. This could be my first uhh.. I don't know what it called... Entry? (idk just using random word now lol) Well I've packed my stuff for this journey.
I'll be heading out from home but this time I can't tell how long I will return home again. A week, a month, a year (or more I don't know).

Oof I'm out of idea what to write now. Maybe I can write this late. But I can't say that I can write this on the forum again.
However, I wish I can chat in the Discord server. And in case you can find miss-spelling or some error in my grammar, I apologize.
Okay gonna leave for bed, bye!

Nutthakan S.
23:32 15th May 2019 GMT+7