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Darth's life log
« on: June 14, 2019, 10:28:22 AM »
This is my first log for today. It is about yesterday's story (my final exam expression)

June 14 : After I just finished my studio exam I was so relieved that I can play marimba piece until the end. And everything was a good relief. After I saw my lecturer's face and I think something is not right. An hour ago, the message came out from WhatsApp and he said that he was disappointed with us. Because we're not practice and he said it's below his standards. I've become depressed at the moment  :ld: I know it sounds inappropriate but that words makes me despair (read on an attachment)

Some of my friends on Discord just gave me some spirits and some advices to lift my mood of happiness. Anyway, thank you for this advices from you guys  :hug:

Gotta leave for now, lots of assignment I haven't done so goodbye.

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