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Merry Christmas everyone, Santa Astra here! ^_^ I hope you've all had a super awesome 2019, and the next year is almost upon us! But we can't be worrying about that now... there's presents to unwrap and delicious food to chow down hehe :D

A huge thank you to all those that participated in Secret Santa this year as well and for sending your gifts in - I hope you all enjoy your presents! ^_^ <3

:santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble: :santaleeble:


To supershigi:
Spoiler for To supershigi from sprout:
Sprout is sending you a physical gift! (sorry, no picture)

"for casting spells & sending stars <3 can't wait for you to try this out~!! happy holidays, shigi! -leeble secret santa"

To Average Potato:
Spoiler for To Average Potato from supershigi:

Merry Christmas, Potato! I hope that you're having a great time with your family right now, and eating all the best food! It has been really fun getting to know you over the past couple years - I love how even though you're more shy (and you have to dig a little bit to get to see the Potato underneath), you have so many wonderful gifts! The idea that you came up with the Minecraft Zoo event, and made sure everything came together in the end was really impressive. I mean, everything from corralling participants, to filling in peripheral aspects of the park so it would be extra fun to walk through, to the hilarious finale at the end (hosting with you and Blue was seriously, so much fun - and working on the Skylands woke up some wonderment in me that I hadn't felt in a long time).

I really like how you know so much about Disneyland and roller coasters, and that you have this dream of creating them someday. I also like how even though at times, family mechanics can be difficult, you try your best to make them happy and see their side. And you have some good taste in music! I mean, if not for you, I never would have learned how to perform "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" and "Feed the Birds" - I really appreciate your help at the stream, whether you're modding, sassing trolls, or leaving nice and supportive comments (many times, things that you said helped me to feel more confident and less anxious, and that means a lot to me).

I hope that this coming year will be a good one for you, and that you'll continue to take little steps towards your bigger goals. I know it might seem tough at times, but in the short time that I've known you, I've already seen a lot of growth and positive changes, and a lot of inner-strength. You keep doing you, and know that you'll always have a home here! Merry Christmas AverageAwesome Potato!

p.s. A little bird told me you wouldn't be home until the 2nd, so your gift will be arriving that day!

To Akira:
Spoiler for To Akira from Average Potato:

To LunarPenguin:
Spoiler for To LunarPenguin from Akira:
As a fellow chrono trigger, earthbound, and Unix based OS fan, I found it very easy to find you presents I believe you would enjoy as I think I would enjoy them!

Chrono Trigger Magnets

Earthbound Mousepad

Linux Mug

Earthbound Mr Saturn Figure

Earthbound Starman Decal

To TheFlyingMarlin:
Spoiler for To TheFlyingMarlin from LunarPenguin:
   *    *  ()   *   *
*        * /\         *
      *   /i\\    *  *
    *     o/\\  *      *
 *       ///\i\    *
     *   /*/o\\  *    *
   *    /i//\*\      *
        /o/*\\i\   *
  *    //i//o\\\\     *
    * /*////\\\\i\*
 *    //o//i\\*\\\   *
   * /i///*/\\\\\o\   *
  *    *   ||     *

Merry Christmas, Marlin!

Basically, I fed a combined image of Pepsiman and Wayne from Hylics into an algorithm that draws various simple shapes (triangles, curved lines, etc.), and tries to minimize the error between my target image and its image.  Then, I took the result, and placed it into a similar image of a street in Hokkaido.

I've included the output from the program, as well as a couple of animations produced by the output, and the GIMP source file, in case you want to do additional editing.


Large file (contains full output of everything, 455.8 MB):
Small file (just the animations and final output, 13.4 MB):

Merry Christmas,
                Kaj (LunarPenguin)
There you go!

To Aidyn:
Spoiler for To Aidyn from TheFlyingMarlin:
Marlin is sending you an aquarium decoration in the mail! ^_^

To DarthExo:
Spoiler for To DarthExo from Aidyn:
Click the link below for the Christmas goodies! ^_^

To Campnoodles:
Spoiler for To Campnoodles from DarthExo:
To Campnoodles.

Hi Cami. This is only gift I can send it to you. I know you like Minecraft so I give this mod for a challenge.

I'm sorry 'cuz I can't fulfill your request :')

from DarthExo

(Astra: Open the link above and click on the 'Download' icon up the top right of the screen - it'll be next to a triangle-plus icon)

To Custerdoge:
Spoiler for To Custerdoge from Campnoodles:

To Jordi:
Spoiler for To Jordi from Custerdoge:
Merry Christmas Jordi! Wishing you well from Vivi Ornitier and Uematsu-san! (I also love the series and composer)
Have a fantastic Christmas!

Ps. feel free to print this or put it on a shirt with the tif file included too


(Astra: Hi Jordi! I'm going to send the TIF file to you via email ^_^)

To Wackyflipper:
Spoiler for To Wackyflipper from Jordi:

(Astra: Hi Wackyflipper! You can find the HQ audio file in the video description section ^_^)

To EL:
Spoiler for To EL from Wackyflipper:
(Astra: Hi EL, and Merry Christmas! ^_^ You can find the mp4 file by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of this forum thread. Really sorry, I had some issues uploading this video, so it's the best I can do by attaching the file to this thread, hope that's ok :)

To Lopar:
Spoiler for To Lopar from EL:
Hi Lopar,
I’m breaking tradition this year to go for a bought gift rather than making one - I hope you don’t mind as you play through some of these! I pray you have a very blessed Christmas!

(Astra: Hi Lopar! ^_^ EL let me know he is going to send you the download link for the games directly :)

To Badabbots:
Spoiler for To Badabbots from Lopar:

To Kreyg:
Spoiler for To Kreyg from Badabbots:
Badabbots is sending you a physical gift in the mail! ^_^

To EN.I:
Spoiler for To EN.I from Kreyg:
Merry Christmas EN.I!  Hope you have a Glitchy Christmas!  I mean Merry Christmas!


To naska:
Spoiler for To naska from EN.I:
Merry chistmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Emmy!

First of all, I wish you very very very merry eggplanty (?) christmas and a merry merry happy new year! Hope there will be more years rolling around (oh wait, those phrases are more for birthdays rather than christmas... anyways, doesn't matter XD).

Well, I have to admit something. Before the secret santa I already figured you like soundtracks and arrangements (I saw several likes from you in some sountracks in my channel haha), so since sending exotic plants (or tea) via international mail is actually a very very bad idea (despiste shipping time can be confused with some sort of bad people things XD), I will give you 2 gifts.
The first one is a arrangement track I've made for you, from Legend of Zelda Link to the Past: I've played that game long time ago, and figured that the soundtrack can be really magical... So, I tried to rearrange this into this result, hoping it will let you relax in those moments when you lack inspiration... Hope you like it :D

Link to youtube video for lazy-people-who-don't-like-download-secret-santa-mp3:
Link to mp3:

And the second gift is actually music for real (not melodies just made by EN.Ises who doesn't know much about music XD). Yes yes, I know you put Zelda, Norman Reedus game (XD) and NieR Automata in your wishlist, but let me share you a very rare arrangement music disc I like a lot, and I bet you will like a lot too! It's an ambiental rearrangement album from early Mana series with melodies that will make yourself imaginate lots of different scenarios and adventures and whatnot (I know many times people needs music to let inspiration flowing), ever if you never played any game of the series! (if you have the oportunity to play some of the games, do it!).

Just a note: Finding this disc was very hard, I ended purchashing this in a very strange japanese webpage who sends you the MP3 download links. (I can't figured if there's a "Send as a gift" option), so I've forced to upload the disc in Google drive (maybe not the best way to give a disc). Hope you understand this is the only format I could get :(

To sprout:
Spoiler for To sprout from naska:
naska is sending you something awesome in the mail! ^_^

To Astra:
Spoiler for To Astra from ???:

Santa Emmy & Santa Laura have gathered some things that we know Astra likes... Since Australia is pretty far away, they'll probably arrive mid-January, so be sure to keep an eye out! Merry Christmas and thanks so much for all your hard work putting together this event, and for being so supportive with our projects throughout the years! We hope that 2020 is a wonderful year for you full of all the things you love!

To Everyone:
Spoiler for To Everyone from A Little Owl:
Owl has a special message to everyone here in the community! ^_^
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