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Minimori Monthly: January 2020!
« on: February 02, 2020, 11:27:19 PM »

Thank you to all who submitted entries for the first month of minimori monthly - we had 13 entries in all! So much wonderful art, music, games, and writing! Please enjoy each other's work and make sure to comment!

Kovu: The Last Minutes (Poem)
Spoiler for Hiden:
The Last Minutes

Like the boy from Rakuen who fought really hard and lived to tell
The tale of Sue, Gemma, Tony, and Kisaburo as well
The boy was living his last minutes, whole being given out
And then he sailed away to paradise where he now smiles down

The last minutes of a sports game
Last of a tense state
Last of a big talk
Last of a first date
Last of a first dance
Last before she becomes your wife
Last minutes doesn’t just mean the end of your life

So many memories in the very last minutes
So much life taken away, so much life has been given
And you’re here, today, And that makes me smile, bet!
Cause it means you haven’t experienced your true last minutes yet.

But what are your true last minutes? Let’s see!
Is it laying in your death bed, drifting off to eternity?
Is it crying because you don’t know what comes next?
Is it smiling happily knowing you’ve reached the end?

At the end of the day, before you drift to sleep
I hope you picked something good to think about before you dream
Just know that I love you! Remember that! That’s it!
If we never talk again, that’s how I remember my last minutes.

Kamipixel: Untitled Poem (Poem)
Spoiler for Hiden:
I'm never late
simply last minute.

It's all in the rush,
the adrenaline, that final push.
That !!!!!!!!     oh.      no......
my •••••••••••••••••••••••BUS.
last one must've been wrong...

It's in that last hour,
right before supper
that ...ding!
(notification incoming)

"be there soon!"



Ah... I've forgotten I see.
-> open fridge
-> empty.
no wait go back i see smt
-> celeri (1)
It's fiiiiine. Still time to get groceries

I'm never late
simply last minute
maybe a little late too

DarthExo: Tokyo Lights (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
This is my first time composing a lo-fi music. Hope enjoy!

p/s : this is my first song for my new lo-fi album, Dawn Horizon

Download Mp3

Aidyn: Don't Say Goodbye by Aidy (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Watch Video

Akira: song like thing made in an hour but then akira wasn't happy so made some "last minute" (hyuk hyuk) changes and so it's more like made in 2.5 hours (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:

EL: I Hear the Rain Ticking (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
You are in a café. It's raining outside; you need to finish before time runs out.
The ticking in your head is different from the ticking of the clock. One gets louder and louder.
You might not finish. Things might not go as planned.
Like the rain, the clock, the steam from your coffee, some things are out of your control.
And I think that's amazing.
Download Mp3

Puzzle044: Last Second Micro Games (Game)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Kinda wished I spent more time on it, but regardless it been good to re-familiarize myself with Game Maker.
(Especially with that game jam coming up very soon!)
Download Game

LunarPenguin: Last Minute (Game)
Spoiler for Hiden:

A little game I made, mainly to finally have a project to start learning the Godot Engine.  There's also a secret scavenger hunt inside it, just for fun (there's a clue on the intro screen)  I can now say that I really like working with this engine! Like Puzzle044, I wish I'd spent a bit more time on it in a few places, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.

Thank you for putting this event together!  It's a cool idea, having a theme each month to base creative work on...

Sprout: Black Ducks (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
here is my mm entry, it’s a guitar riff my little brother was working on that i looped & wrote a song over:yellow_heart: it’s dedicated to him, who’s always too afraid to take chances on love. i wrote & recorded this super quick & and it’s also the v last day of jan hehe so hopefully that makes this on theme


Download m4a

BadAbbots: Four Elements Tale (Poem and Art)
Spoiler for Hiden:
A poem -By Bad abbots

The tale of the Misfortune of the Four

I wanted to present to you a picture that was pretty,
But I fear I lost my path among the nitty gritty.
In lack of talent I sought to draw but I am still too slow,
And so I wrote a poem instead while my arting skills I grow.

The tale recounts the story loosely seen within this pic.
(Pardon it's rough quality I sketched it out real quick)
Without ado the story starts with a prophecy of yore,
that the village from which mizu comes is saved by heroes four.*

*It goes to note in some small way this isn't quite correct
For often people in their minds their own truth they elect
The prophecy indeed declared they would not be Ransacked,
If spirits of the elements all came and a made a pact.* 

The town had hope this would not be to great of an endeavor,
For Mizu was well known to them and in the tower Zephyr.
Two of the four already lived within the town so quant,
With fire and stone the only two they needed to acquant.

With several years of searching Ember Sparks and Jade came on.
A flaming sword and stone breastplate this noble cause would don.
The four were there, the stage was set, they trusted the wise wind
She wanted to empower each before their pact beginned*

*I need to note the words itself is not the properest grammar.
But this my lad's is an epic poem, So no I didn't stammer;
An epic's writ in such a way that people will remember
The rhyme from January and then reaching to December.
The stage was set the heroes gathered trust themselve to magic
A wave of hand the spell half done but then to something tragic.
Through open window, in a blink, when Zephyr did step forth
A sneaky wind did turn the page, it blew in from the north

alas it seems a spell that's used to strengthen up a hero
can also make their time go nuts when the spell divides by zero
time travelling spells on them were cast and then they disappeared
And Zephyr wth the heroes gone became greatly afeared.

How to explain the town be wrecked now that their heroes vanished.
The fate she knew awaited her be far more worse than banished.
At time the wind of what was done had reached among the people,
Enraged and scared they stormed her tower, t'was o'er them like a steeple.
The power of Zephyr's magic has always been quite great.
But in her fear she killed them all no time to talk or wait.
When magic sorted, the Three returned to the town in desolation
They saw the scorch upon the town that brought the devastation

The ocean raged in Mizu's eyes as she babbled like a brook
Ember's heart was fill with fire, flames lapped in every nook.
And poor jades face was flint that day as she refused emotion
Each coping with the pain of loss, with failure and it's notion.

The pirates never found the place the prophecy held true.
The town was never ransacked as no one would travel through.
The waste and desolation that that little breeze did cause,
Should Teach us learn to wait some more and give life it's little pause.

So double check the page you're on and not your duty shirk
And when a person makes mistakes let's give them room to work
Don't judge the others quickly for you might not know their tale.
This might have been averted if they'd not let fear travail.

Custer - Relic (Haiku and Art)
Spoiler for Hiden:
last minute creation
unadorned headpiece in flux
I will complete it

(This is my Rakuen wip hat and accompanying haiku.)

B. Cornifer - How we say goodbye (Comic)
Spoiler for Hiden:
I'm working on this as part of something, but i think its definitely worth sharing.
Strong warning: Mature themes of death and dying
How We Say Goodbye:
This is a short graphic exploring an important aspect of life - the times when we have to say goodbye to our loved ones.
It charts a course of a single family and the struggle some people face when coming to terms with their loved ones passing on
Download comic rar file

LoparPanda - Too Late (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
This little song has multiple meanings in the name. First, the obvious: I’m way past the deadline. Second, it’s too late, and my brain is still awake! I should have been in bed hours ago and now I’m definitely going to be tired tomorrow. Third, I hope that it’s not too late, in many ways, to express myself.

For this song I wanted to experiment a little bit with modulation/key changes, something I’ve been wanting more practice in. I stumbled on some arpeggios on my piano earlier tonight, then I plopped them into Notion and added a sort-of-melody, and here we are! (posting in next message because mobile discord)
Download m4a
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Re: Minimori Monthly: January 2020!
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 12:51:49 PM »
What a cool idea, so much creativity!

Kovu: The first verse makes me feel so melancholy but after that it's very uplifting, I love the message that "last" doesn't mean "final" but is closer to "lasting."

Kamipixel: The formatting and punctuation contributes so much, I love how frenetic this feels!

DarthExo: Super chill, exactly the kind of thing I like in the background while I'm working  :) Kind of Animal Crossing-y!

Aidyn: You've got such a great voice! I need to catch you stream more.

Akira: This sure sounds great for an hour. It feels like it would play from a music box with a little pirouetting ballerina on it.

EL: It's neat how pensive this is. I expected the description and the ticking to make it end up sounding anxious, but it doesn't! I ended up listening to it for like half an hour without realizing.

Puzzle044: Very WarioWare! It's fun and I like how the last round brings the previous sections together. I had to try it a few times until I figured out on the defense one you can move your cursor through the middle instead of going around. I'm slow!!

Lunar: This is so clever but I don't want to spoil anything. I tried to figure out the cipher on paper but couldn't, once I found the hint it clicked into place though. :D

Sprout: What a cool and sweet collab! Your voice is lovely!

BadAbbots: Man, kudos for making all those rhymes work. The fairy tale style of the art really works with this too!

Custer: I've made one of these too! It was before I played Rakuen though. What's there to finish? It looks perfect.

B. Cornifer: This was really moving. I went through some of this stuff with my mom and you really captured how hard it is for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing.

Lopar: This reminds me hard of a big spoilery moment from Link's Awakening and it has that same kind of melancholy vibe! Nicely done!


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Re: Minimori Monthly: January 2020!
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2020, 04:35:47 PM »
Kovu: thoughtful poem! very you xD

Kamipixel: tense and well paints a picture of that feeling of lateness

DarthExo: Pretty good! I like the lo-fi simple beat and scraggly noises. Evokes someone wandering through a city with their headphones on.

Aidyn: Ooo I really love the chords! Catchy and well performed, really great rhythm on the guitar! That was fun, thank you for sharing! :)

Akira: Hyuk hyuk

EL: So much atmosphere! Without reading the description I feel like I’m in a coffee shop in the middle of a city feeling reflective and solemn and wondering what to do next. The shift to the pensive more full sound at around 1:40 is really cool, and especially cool how it keeps building and feeling more desperate! Well done!

Puzzle044: Wahhh I wish I could play this! Stupid windows laptop being a lump of dead battery uselessness right now. Really cool concept for gaining back the creativity though!

Lunar: I LOVE the aesthetic of this game! Reminds of that pico game stuff in the middle of celeste, then complete with the over the top full orchestral song hahaha. I actually did defuse the bomb! The bomb OS was amusing, I liked all the responses the computer gave. Well done!! xD

Sprout: This is really beautiful! Both the singing and the guitar playing are really lovely :) Thank you for sharing this!!

Badabbots: I’m with btballenger here, kudos for all those rhymes while telling a story! I like stories with morals like these :D

Custer: the hat is looking GREAT! That’s WIP? It looks good to go!

B. Cornifer: That was really well done. It reminded me of the movie “The Farewell” which I really liked.

Lopar: I like how the chords shift in feel - minor/major changes, and then more interesting chords like at 0:32 of the chord shifts - I can imagine it as a like, complex bad guy in a game is explaining his sinister plan

Also thank you to @btballenger for writing out all the feedback to everyone :)