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Key signature -> major key easily
« on: March 07, 2020, 12:22:53 AM »
It appears that there's an easy to determine major key by key signature without learning the combinations.

For sharps.
Just pick the name of one note up from the last key sharp. And you get a major key.

In other words, the last sharp is the 7th degree of a key.

For example, we have sharps: F C G.
One note up from G is A.
So the key is A major :)

Or F C G D A E B.
The key is C# major. The sharp is because C is in the sharp list :)

For flats.
Just pick one flat before the last one.

For example, we have flats: B E A.
Then it's Eb major.
The flat is because E is in the key flats list.

Or B.
There's no previous flats, so we just jump to the last possible one.
B E A D G C [F]
So the key is F major.
There's no flat as F isn't in the key flats list.
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