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Minimori Monthly: March/April 2020
« on: May 02, 2020, 01:07:31 PM »

Thank you to all who submitted entries for the the Minimori Monthly for March/April! The theme was "Unfinished" and we had some really wonderful entries.

The theme for May is "Appreciation" - particularly the thought of appreciation of things that we might take for granted.

Lopar: On Deck (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
new song time! this is a pretty big departure from the other two more orchestral songs on the game so far, but i kinda like the vibe. Big thanks to Laura for suggesting making the melody synth lighter and adding the delay effect, it sounds incomparably better than before!

Download Ogg

DarthExo (Song)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Darth here and for today (or tonite for me) I've done composing this song titled CoronApocalypse. This crazy pandemic, gives me an idea to make this. Hope ya enjoy and stay safe. #stayathome
Download mp3

BadAbbots: Rakuen Anniversary Drawing (Art)
Spoiler for Hiden:
My entry for minimori monthly, I started this last year and I really wanted to finish it.

Hikaribana is a symbol of great love. They say it has the power to bring loved ones together. To heal, to bond, to help find someone who has been lost... - Stormy the Dragon

I feel we all have someone we want our love to reach.

Matt (0caution0): Another Rough Night (Story)
Spoiler for Hiden:
"...Alright, got it. Yep, see you Monday. Enjoy your time off," I say, hanging up the phone and letting out an overdramatic sigh into my lonely apartment. Of all the things to happen at 10 o'clock at night, Boss calling me and asking me to go back to the office and go wake up an employee that fell asleep at his desk was not something I would have ever predicted. Apparently he can check the security cameras remotely and the only two legal options are either another employee coming in or getting security involved, which at this hour is just calling the police and getting him escorted out. So naturally, I shall be the superhero known as Fellow Employee! I slump a little, yawn, and sigh again; it's going to be a long night. Oh well, at least I can say the life of a llama worm is never boring.

I feel like being the only species that travels through underground tunnels has so many odd quirks. On the one hand, I'd love to be able to just walk down the street and take in the city lights and all the unique people just living their lives. I never get tired of how fun people are. On the other hand, we're the only the species that can hear all the neat little subtleties that no one else can. I can hear when the car that drove right above me is blasting Li'l Budz's latest single. I can hear a local jazz band playing at a sleepy cafe. I can hear tonight's stand-up act crack up the local comedy club. Honestly, I should get out and enjoy the night life more often.

In my daydreaming (or is it just dreaming since it's so late?) I almost miss the sign that showed the office was right above me. Looking both ways first, I poke my head up out of the tunnel to the sight of the front entrance my comically tall workplace. Actually, we're all llama worms; of course the building would be tall. Wow, I'm literally just coming to this realization now! Shaking that admittedly obvious revelation from my head, I swipe my keycard at the entrance and head inside.

I've never tried to navigate this place without any lights on, but it's quite a bit easier than I expected. The mess of power strip lights and the odd monitor being left on leaves more than enough ambient light to weave around. I deftly avoid snagging my face on any extension cords running on the floor and make it to the hole in the ceiling. Stairwells are for people with legs! Ha!

With a stretch, I'm on my way to the eighth floor where our mysterious nap taker has faceplanted. A blur of identical looking floors zooms past my vision six times and I'm here in a flash. I slowly glance down each row of cubicles. I see a glow coming the back row and...wait. I know whose cubicle that is! I turn the corner into the back row to confirm my suspicions. Yup, I'd recognise that flashy, nearly glow-in-the-dark tie anywhere. "Hey, pssssst. Saitou, time to get up," I whisper, gently nudging him. I get nothing but a snore out of him. So naturally, I change my tactics. "Hey Saitou, I've got some melon pan here for you!" I say, still trying to shake him awake.

With a harsh snort, Saitou slowly lifts his head toward me. "Widetou? What are you doing here?" he mumbles, immediately squinting his eyes against the harsh glow of his monitor.

"I'm here to take you home, buddy. You fell asleep at the office, you goof," I say quietly. I also squint instinctively. Sheesh, does Saitou really have his monitor this bright all the time? That can't be good for his eyes.

"Wait, what? What time is--" Saitou says before cutting himself off. Suddenly, he looks at his computer monitor again and his face contorts into sheer terror. "Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no, this is really bad," Saitou mumbles as he begins frantically typing at his keyboard.

"Whoa, take a breath. What's going on?" I say in the calmest voice I can muster. I'm used to seeing Saitou be a bundle of anxiety but this feels different. He looks terrified, like he's in danger.

"Widetou, I fell asleep working on a big finance report! The boss needs this tomorrow and I'm not even close to done! I knew I shouldn't have agreed to stay late but Boss looked so desperate and this is for a major client!" he yelled, eyes now mere inches from his monitor. Saitou stopped his panicked keyboard clicking long enough to lean back and yell into the ceiling, "I'm such an idiot!"

"Saitou, I want you to look at me, okay?" I say with enough strength to demand his attention. "I've talked with Boss already. He's how I knew to come wake you up. There's nothing to worry about. He saw how late you stayed and he's fine with that report waiting, okay?" I say, hoping he doesn't see through me. That was a complete lie; Boss doesn't know anything about why Saitou was here so late. Or if he does, he never bothered to tell me. Saitou has enough on his plate already, so I'll just call Boss tomorrow and talk to him. If that means I have to take the punishment for it, well, thems the breaks. But Saitou already works his stripes off and he doesn't need yet another thing to bring him down.

"...If you say so. I really hope you're right," he says with a sigh. I see him save the unfinished report and click the computer's power button. "Let's get out of here. I'm exhausted and sore after laying on a desk for heaven knows how long," he says. He shoots me a pitiful look and says, "Sorry you had to come all the way out here just pick me up. You shouldn't have to be my babysitter."

"Dude, don't worry about it. You're way more important than watching some late-night game show or something," I say with a smile. I know it's cheesy, but it's true. "Oh by the way, have you checked your email at all? Big announcement you should know about!" Saitou tilts his head and arches an eyebrow. I'll take that as a 'no.' "Here, I'll tell you on the way out. This place is kinda spooky at night," I say with a grin.

We slowly come back down the holes we came through, the floors still muddy and dark as ever. After reaching the ground floor, he wasted no time: "So don't keep me in suspense. What's got you grinning from ear to ear? You better not be messing with me or so help me, I'm eating the cake you keep stashed at your desk!"

I mock offense and say, "Hey now, there's no need for threats! Boss sent an email to all of us and said we have the rest of the week off! And yes, we're still getting paid as if were here. Isn't that awesome!?"

Once again, Saitou arches an eyebrow and says, "Wait, what? Why? That's not normal at all. If anything, that gives me more reason to be concerned. Is Boss okay?"

"So, get this. Apparently, Boss has quite the happy home life that he never tells us about. He's got a wife he's been married to for a lot of years and he's taking the rest of the week off because she just had a kid! Crazy, right?" I shout, failing to contain my excitement. Boss is a pretty dry person, so reading that he's taking some time off to spend some time with his wife and new child melted my heart a little. I hope he gives the family more attention than he gives work, at least for a while. But that's a conversation for another time.

Saitou just stood and stared at me for a few seconds, stunned. "Wow. That' Boss never struck me as a family man, but bad on me for judging him. I'm really happy for him though!" he says with an earnest smile. Suddenly he furrows his brow and says, "So, let me get this straight. Today's Wednesday, and we don't have to come back until Monday? Whew, I don't even know what to do with myself."

Without missing a beat, I jump in and say, "Well funny you should say that. I've been thinking about enjoying a fun night on the town this weekend! What's that place you frequent called again? Kinoko Matsuri? Let's go there tomorrow! We can invite Oddtou, we can club, we can karaoke, we can order that melon pan I promised you, it'll be great!" I really hope he agrees to this, since I've been itching to do a proper hangout with the guys for weeks now.

Saitou rocks his head from side to side, clearly in thought. We both slink out the front door when he suddenly says, "You know what? Sure. You know me, I'm not much for crowds and partying, but if it's with you guys, that sounds really fun! Also what's this about melon pan you promised?"

"Uh, nothing," I say while avoiding eye contact.

We wiggle back through the tunnel we came from in silence for a few minutes before Saitou breaks it: "For real, thanks for coming to wake me up. You're a good friend and always go the extra mile for me. If anyone else invited me out for a night on the town, I'd have turned them down. But you? I can't say no to you. You do too much for me and you're too fun to be around," he slows his pace a bit and continues, "and I'd probably be an antisocial nobody if you didn't encourage me to express myself and not just hide in a hole all day. Widetou, when it's just you, me, and Oddtou against the world, unfinished finance reports and all-nighters don't seem so bad." He flashes me an honest smile, completely devoid of anxiety or stress.

Now it's my turn to be stunned. I stop and just stare at him for several seconds. After gathering my thoughts I say, "Thanks, that...means more than you think. You do a lot more for me than you think, Saitou. I'm too weird and energetic for most people, so it's an honest blessing that you enjoy being around me all the time. And you're right, the three of us? The world's worst doesn't stand a chance!" I puff out my chest in an attempt to hide the fact that Saitou's statement got me choked up.

A few more minutes of small talk and we're at Saitou's house. We exchange goodbyes and I promise to call him tomorrow and set up plans for the night out. As I wiggle home, I can't stop thinking about what he said. The three of us can take on the world, eh? Yeah, I think we can. This trio of llama worms can get through anything because we look out for each other. After all, friends make you stronger than you could ever be on your own. And by that logic, we're all buff! That's why I can eat an entire rainbow cake in one sitting! I laugh at myself and go to unlock my apartment. Oh, sweet bed. How I missed you so. Sleepy time...zzz...

Btballenger - A Rondeau Redoublé for Sue (Poem, warning: Rakuen spoilers)
Spoiler for Hiden:
A Rondeau Redoublé for Sue

Snuggest swirls of satin snow, surrounded in the lanterns' glow,
share the dance we made on patches pillows underneath the stars.
Let's spin together now - yeah! - and teach the snowmen how to flow:
Four happy steps hand to hand, we pirouette and stand on ours!

Remember when we took that ride, each inside tiny train cars?
The long bridge we crossed - choo choo! - after we flew up the rainbow
giggling as we went to see amazing toy bazaars, cozy like
snuggest swirls of satin snow, surrounded in the lanterns' glow.

After robot fights, a snack, you played the tiny piano —
marimba too! Then I found all of those blue-green guitars
I think that is when we first made up the music to show and
share the dance we made on patches pillows underneath the stars.

That island in the sky I loved, that felt like halfway to Mars!
There were flowers everywhere, dandelions in indigo
blue roses and waterfalls, summers catching fireflies in jars...
Let's spin together now - yeah! - and teach the snowmen how to flow!

Upside down and drinking tea, somehow it never spilled, dunno!
I miss that treehouse that was a teahouse, hanging from the bars...
We made flower friends and after teatime put on a dance show
Four happy steps hand to hand, we pirouette and stand on ours.

What about the bakery, run by cats and dogs? All the dough
covered in pawprints and sprinkles, just full of meows and RAWRS!
We ate croissants and cookies and sang your favorite song real sloOoOw...
I won't forget you or our little worlds, never, nears or fars... or the
snuggest swirls of satin snow.

LoparPanda, Akira, LunarPenguin: MegaShigi (Game)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Minimori April Entry - Megashigi (entry for Lopar, Akira, LunarPenguin) not sure what more to say about this that wasn't wonderfully demonstrated by shigi on Sunday's VOD... it's in many ways a complete experience, but I think it still has a strong thread of how it's ok to be unfinished, and it's ok not to be perfect all the time, and shining and reflecting light with what we have is enough, even if we feel we don't have the light to share, or are worried ours isn't bright enough.
Download Here

See you next month!
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